Firework Worthy Kisses, Goals, & Public Restrooms

If we were having coffee, they’d be extra hot on this rainy day. With a shot of whipped cream on top, just for a smile.

I’d tell you that January ended in a bang for me. As I walked to the top of a section in the Edward Jones Dome last night, my husband stood to let me through to my seat and spontaneously leaned over to give me a quick peck on the lips as I passed him.

Well, I’m glad that our section was still mostly empty at the time because I’m pretty certain if those around didn’t see the actual sparks, they heard both of us shout!

The static electricity in that small peck was charged enough that I checked for over an hour to see if I A) had a hole in my lip or B) was bleeding. Since neither was true, well, I guess after 20 years we’re still seeing fireworks when we kiss!

I started to tell you that January was a disappointing month for me in regards to my goals and my dreams. Then I read this #WeekendCoffeeShare post by Robin Rivera at and decided to see if I could calculate comments on my blog for one month.

In 2013 I started blogging daily in January for a couple different challenges. This is the first year I didn’t get all 31 posts done. I didn’t even get close.

My goal this year? My do over? My writing and speaking. Redo the blog. Make it intentional. Make an impact. Build a community. Use it as a platform to start finding speaking engagements.

As the month has come to a close, I was really feeling discouraged. I didn’t write at all the last week. I’ve been sick and barely hanging on to teach, prepare youth group, and manage to attempt to sleep. No way to stay current on writing, let alone play catch-up on the missing posts.

After reading Robin’s post, however, I realized that I still have a ton of comments on my blog that I haven’t gotten a chance to respond to. I had never really looked to see how many comments I get in an average month.

Including the few responses I have made, there are a total of 149 comments on posts from January 2015. That makes up 11% of the comments ever made on my blog since I started it in 2008. That’s a big deal: That’s community.

Many of those commentators are the same individuals coming back to read new posts. They are drive-bys. My goals are being reached.

I’ve been contacted by a couple individuals this month about potential speaking engagements. Let me be honest, I’m terrified. I know this is what I’m supposed to do, but I’m so far out of my comfort zone here.

I’m a perfectionist by nature. What if I fail? I don’t know how to do this. I don’t even know what all I’m supposed to be sending them ahead of time. Praying, praying, asking for prayers.

I feel like I’ve hogged all our coffee time today. Do you want to meet again next weekend? I promise to be quiet! Before you go, however, let me share a funny with you.

Last night at the show my almost sixteen-year-old came back from the restroom with a weird look on her face. She leaned over to whisper to me,“You know how the bathroom stalls have the built in trash receptacles for women?”


“Well, I didn’t notice when I went in that someone had punched straight through the one in the stall and you could see straight through to the next one. Some girl stuck her head through the hole, and said, ‘I see you!’ while I was peeing! I was soooo embarrassed!”

I’m trying to comprehend this, “You mean a little girl?”

“No, I mean like a thirty year old girl. A woman. A grown woman stuck her head through the hole, mom! Then when I come out she’s standing outside telling her friends about it, laughing, and as I walk by she’s like, ‘Hey, that’s her! That’s the girl!’”

Now my daughter looks mortally offended, but this story sounds so far-fetched I’m laughing so hard I’m about to fall out of my seat. Our seventeen-year-old son asks what I’m laughing at, so she leans over me to tell him and he dies laughing while asking her why she didn’t punch the woman in the face.

Even though my husband had walked with her to the bathroom, she hadn’t told him yet, but with the three of us carrying on so, now he had to know. I’m not certain he found it as funny as the rest of us at first, but once he realized there was no way to find the woman and ‘fix it’, he started chuckling too.

I really am sympathetic. Really.

Had I been there I would have confronted the woman. But at this point all you can do is laugh.

So, on this rainy Sunday, do you have any public restroom stories to share that will make me spew my weekend coffee?

Don’t forget to check out all the other great #weekendcoffeeshare posts!

4 responses to this post.

  1. No public restroom stories, sorry. I've definitely been getting more comments on my blog posts too – maybe it was a New Years resolution for some? I'm sorry to say I haven't caught up with reading the comments yet, either. I'm grateful for each and every one of them. Alana


  2. Alana,

    Yay for more comments! That would be an awesome resolution for those who want to be intentional in building relationships! I read each and every one of them, sometimes more than once, but I don't always have capability to respond when I read them. :-/ I need to be more intentional about making time.

    However, when the choice is between writing or commenting…I choose writing.


  3. What a month!

    Gene'O and I have gotten a lot more engagement over the last month or two as well, and I've been making an effort to engage more on others' blogs. It is fun to see a community building, and I think comments sections are one of the best places to do that on a blog. 😀


  4. Hey all those comments and potential speaking engagements, pretty good for a month's work. Hope you're feeling better. It will be exciting to see what February has in store for you. 🙂


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