Gifts, Talents, & Investments

Who doesn’t like a gift?

Something you didn’t have to work for, shop for, or even expect?

What about talent?

Do you have a talent? What is the definition of talent? Can mopping the floor be a talent?

And there’s the place where gifts and talents meet.

A gift can be something given to someone without expectation of receiving something in payment or it can be a natural ability or talent. A talent can be a natural aptitude or skill or a form of money.

Take a moment to read Matthew 25:14-30.

And this is where so many of us start getting confused. Or jealous. Or angry. Or any multitude of emotions.

(Watch this video!)

Regardless of how we feel, if we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we have been given at least one gift. Sure, it might seem like a small one, but it was purposefully chosen for us individually by God Himself.

Don’t forget: The word is spelled compariSON. We just pronounce it compariSIN. If we are gauging ourselves against the example Jesus left, we’re focused on the right things. However, if we’re only seeing everyone else’s gifts, we’re falling into sin (confusion, jealousy, anger, etc.).

There was no random selection. No placing of gifts into gift bags and then just handing random bags to whomever was next in line.

Each gift was given to the receiver on purpose for His purpose.

It isn’t a question of whether you have a gift or not. It’s a question of whether you’ve recognized what you’ve been given and if you’re using it for Him.

What is your gift?

(Watch this video!)

I don’t want to get caught putting limits on God, but I have a feeling He didn’t give you the gift of dodgeball. Looks like that one’s already being handled pretty well. Or something like that.

Are you into art? Guess what? Not an accident.

People seem drawn to you? You always have a car full of friends? Not an accident.

Are you a planner? Details are important? Yep. That’s on purpose too.

Clutter drives you crazy? Um, could you be my shadow? Kidding, kind of. Not an accident.

Those odd things that make you different, make you YOU, well, God put them in you on purpose for HIS purpose.

You have a unique calling and gift. It isn’t supposed to look like the one the person beside you has. It isn’t supposed to look like your mom’s, or your dad’s, or your youth leader’s. Stop comparing yourself to them!

They didn’t give you the gift. Someone way more important did. Ask HIM what you’re supposed to do with the talents.

Bury them? Burn them? Or invest them?

5 responses to this post.

  1. Very interesting to read this. Once again, something that speaks to me in regards to what I needed for the day.


  2. I think a talent can be anything that you are good at.


  3. I feel your God-given talent is whatever in life gives you the most pleasure. The pleasure is not coincidental. It's a validation that you are on the right path. For me, my talents are writing and research. Of course, when figuring out what you are intended to do, that is the tricky part. Alana


  4. My sister had the gift of organization, thriftiness and warmth, compassion….and on and on. (I miss her so I throw her in every conversation).
    One of my gifts is seeing the humorous side to life's difficulties so that even my mother (a hard nut to crack most of the time) laughs. At the funeral home, I asked my nephew's girlfriend who comes over to the house frequently, who she was when she came in the receiving line. ((Rolling my eyes)). I introduced the third wife of a church member to my niece using the name of the second wife (who died many years ago and whom I never met) and I stood on the wrong side of the room for the first viewing. At least I didn't follow the wrong person out the door, as I did once before. =) I didn't do too badly for it being a dark room!


  5. I think my gift is science. I'm REALLY good at solving puzzles and naturally motivated to ask why about just about everything.


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