Live from Missouri: Top Ten

Ok, so my Top 10 Posts of 2014 is actually 12, but 2 sets of posts had identical page views. I ranked the posts based on +’s recieved on G+, comments on the actual post, and overall page views. 

Here are your Top 10 (er, 12) favorite musings from 2014:

12.  An Almost Missed Opportunity +35 7 comments 99 views
       A post about how God spoke specifically to three out of four of        us with the same message. We almost didn’t do what He told us        to do. How often does that happen to all of us?

11.  Letter to Myself (as a Teenager) +2 12 comments 101 views
       A post I struggled with. Wrote. Deleted. Wrote. Cried. Wrote.          Refused to publish. Got a kick in the pants from God, and you          can read the results here. I really need to respond to the people        who commented…

10.  Playing the Blame Game +9 10 Comments 102 views
       “It’s not my fault! So and so made me do it!” We’ve all heard it        said and probably even said it before, haven’t we? But do we            blame God? Easy to say no? Are you sure?
  9.  Sharing the Love of Words 16 comments 102 views
       A post recommending bloggers that I read on a regular basis!          You should definitely check them out! Like today!!!!!  8.  Why It’s Ok to Quit +7 31 comments 109 views
       We say “Quitters never win.” but there’s a good chance that              we’re setting ourselves up for failure if we buy into that cliche.        Sometimes the best choice we can make is to quit. 

  7.  Jesus in Disguise +2 5 comments 109 views
       How many times do we miss Jesus? Has He knocked at your            door looking for a cup of water? Needed a hand changing a              tire? Had a runaway cart in the parking lot at the grocery store?        Are we looking for Him or are we to busy looking after                    ourselves?

  6.  Courageous Christians–Not Cowardly Lions +1 11 comments          111 views
       Do it afraid. Stop be a pushover. Listen to this song, and                  rekindle your courage!
  5.  (You DON’T) Call Me Pinto Baby +2 7 comments 112 views
       I cannot believe this post even made the list. Let alone got the          #5 spot. Yeah, you’ll have to decide for yourself. But if you              want to remain in my good graces, DON’T call me Pinto Baby.
  4.  Tissues, Issues, and Love +4 28 comments 120 views
       The second book review I did in 2014 received quite a bit of            positive feedback. I think I will be trying to do more of these in        2015.
  3.  Backseat Sermons +3 20 comments 153 views
       Well sure I went to church that night, but the sermon that has          stuck with me all these years came out of the mouths of two            toddlers in the backseat. The same toddlers that I was trying to        correct for their behavior during the church service we had just        left.
  2.  Book Review: Tessa–From Fear to Faith +3 4 comments 193          views
       Not going to lie. This post made me a nervous wreck. This              book review is my first ever review for a publishing company.        A Christian publishing company at that. I agreed to review this        book honestly before reading it. Those of you who know me            well know I can be brutally honest. I was afraid I would hate it        and have to tell the truth. Check out my review and see if you          think I did ok or not.
  1.  Reactors vs. Thinkers +19 20 comments 248 views
       A humorous look at two different ways we process requests.            Which are you? A reactor or a thinker? How long it takes you          to decide is VERY telling.
Well, that’s what the numbers say, but I have a feeling YOUR choice post probably didn’t make the list. If you’re a regular reader, what post did you expect to see here that didn’t make it?

2014 was my biggest blog year yet. I’m planning for 2015 to be even bigger. That won’t happen because of me. It happens because I have the best blog family in the blogosphere.

So from me to you–THANK YOU SO MUCH for taking the time to come here and read, respond, and share my posts.  I appreciate each and every one of you so much. The only way my dream of being a writer and speaker will continue to grow is with each of you supporting it.

Thank you for your support in the past, and thank you in advance for your support in 2015. I am praying that 2015 will be a blessed year for you and those who are important to you!

Happy New Year, friends.




8 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks for sharing your list. It's always a good idea to let others know your inspiration. You just never know who your words might touch.


  2. I'm new to your blog unfortunately so I haven't had a chance to read any of your popular posts for 2014. It'll be exciting to see what your popular posts for 2015 will be!


  3. Happy 2015! Hmmm, looks like I need to bookmark your blog and come back and read the posts in your list – and what a great idea – might have to check my own stats and publish a similar blog post! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Hi Carrie, I'm new to your site. It's a great idea to list your popular posts in this way as a summary of your blogs. As a first timer to your site however, I found it difficult to follow your thoughts through as it seemed as if I was reading notes you had written to yourself or people already following you. I'll need to visit some of your blogs. Thanks, Carol


  5. Dorit,

    I'd never done a post like this before. I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but if we don't try new things we'll never grow.

    Thanks for dropping by today!


  6. If you get a moment flange at a couple of them and let me know why you think they're on the list. I'd love some feedback.

    Happy New Year#


  7. K. Lee,

    This was a new concept for me. I'd love for you to check out some on the list. That's the real point of the list: to introduce new readers to old content.

    I'm not sure I've fine that in the most effective way.

    Thanks for stopping in.


  8. Carol,

    Hmmm. I need to rethink this then. The summaries are for new readers to decide if they want to read a post or not.

    What could I have done our said differently that would have helped make that happen? I really appreciate your feedback!!!!


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