Four-Legged Love

There was Curtis, and then the twins, Bert and Ernie, followed by Cindy, Cindy Too, Shady, Christ Hellmut, Jaynie, Brick (at least I think that was his name), and the nameless masses that came and went before their names could be engrained upon my heart. It didn’t take much or long for me to fall in love, and a piece of my heart walked away on four legs with each of them.

I have no fear of animals. I can’t imagine a life without pets. Animals can sense feelings that the closest human in your life can’t seem to read. I learned this at a very early age.

Some young girls may have cried into pillows, but any tear I shed was shed again when a German shepherd lost its coat. Some tears didn’t get the chance to dry on the neck of my recent best friend because he or she would lap them up before they could they fall.

I was raised around big dogs. Some of the earliest pictures of me that I remember is a little girl with two blond pigtails, a huge smile, and arms wrapped around a German shepherd bigger than her. That photo may have made a Christmas card.

Right before we moved to the country I got two kittens: Bert and Ernie. I loved them–even though they had claws. They got out of the house when we moved to the country, though, and disappeared. The good thing about being in the country is that stray cats show up every other day and they breed like rabbits.

So, I wasn’t without a cat for long. And sooner than later cat turned into cats. I could spend hours in the garage playing with them. Or, when it was too hot to be in the garage, sitting on the back porch.

Many of our dogs really weren’t pets in the normal sense. My dad trained dogs for other people and bred dogs for puppies. He also trained police dogs. (No one ever seemed to want to volunteer to wear the sleeve and be the bad guy in training.)

However, all of them that were full-time residents were part of our family. They were pets. 

While you would think that dogs trained to find drugs and criminals wouldn’t make loving pets, the least loving dog we ever had was one purchased simply to be a momma. That dog loved to play ball and hated to be pet. She didn’t want you to touch her at all unless it was for her to hand you the ball to throw again.

I tried and tried to domesticate that animal, but she just wasn’t into animal therapy. She had the drive of a work dog. She was probably with us the longest and my absolute least favorite. 

Once someone brought my dad a solid white shepherd to train. She was beautiful and I fell in love. I begged to get my parents to try to buy her. I wanted that dog so bad. I still talk about that white shepherd. I would love to have a solid white one.

As an adult I married someone who mostly didn’t have pets. Hates cats. And likes to grumble if I as much mention introducing animals to the family. Yet we’ve owned many over the years. 

Odd how almost all of them have been brought home by him. Frequently without even checking with me.

The current list of pets includes Pedro (Chihuahua), Molly (border collie, Australian shepherd, ),and blue heeler) Penelope/Pine Lope(because someone didn’t like Penelope and thought it was spelled with an I)/Penny Lopey (beagle), Milo(because after calling the cat Armor All for 3 months it made sense to change his name to Milo) (farm cat), Smokey/Smoticus(because I wanted Otis)/Smokilicious(because my husband is crazy) (farm cat), Bull (rabbit), Peter (rabbit), Rags (Quarter Horse), and a cow. 

I just realized the cow doesn’t have a name. Poor cow. 

Actually, she’s probably blessed. We argue over names for a long time and then once someone finalizes a name everyone still gives the animal their own version of the name just to irritate the one who finally got to choose. 

So, what do you think we should name the cow?

Inspiration for this post was taken from 30 Days of Your Stories . Please hop over to her blog and check out her awesome idea!!!

You can link to MY 30 days of stories below!

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3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by cavellemartin on November 29, 2014 at 10:04 AM

    Wow! So many cute critters! I have always loved the name buttercup for a cow but I'm sure that name gets used a lot but she looks like a buttercup to me lol


  2. holy cow! are you starting a zoo? I have never named cows. Cows were raised to be slaughtered or milked. But I would name this one if I had to… Blackie


  3. Aww. Love animals! It makes me laugh to hear how your family gets through the naming process. It was difficult for me to choose “Buddy,” the name of my dog. I had another dog named “Maha,” which means “deer” in Arabic. “Dumi,” which is short for Dumasia, which means “gift,” and “Dutch,” a German Shepherd mix. I had wonderful animals, and a whole soap opera cast of characters in the feral cat world overseas!


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