Lying About Looks

“Liar, liar pants on fire! Hang them from a telephone wire!”

I never really understood that chant.

Heard a lot of lies as a child. Never saw a single pair of pants catch on fire. And even if I had, I can’t imagine anyone taking hold of them, finding a way to reach a telephone wire, and being dumb enough to hang said flaming drawers from the wire.

One persons tall tale would have caused our entire community to be without phone service. Local or long-distance–because cell phones didn’t exist yet.

Lies. All kids tell them, right?

I’m sure I did. I was kid. Just like everyone else. 

I’m certain I told a fib or two in my day, but I don’t really remember any. I was that kid that always told on myself. I’d rather face my punishment head on than get caught in a lie.

So, since my prompt is lying, I’ll talk about the lie I DO remember.

When Chris and I began dating he had a beard. I wouldn’t have ever told him, but that was odd to me. Facial hair had never been on my ‘what I’m looking for in a guy’ list. Not to mention it made kissing uncomfortable. 

Ok, so I mentioned it.

Well, one night we went out on a date. I couldn’t even tell you what we did. I only remember one thing about that night. My lie.

He kept looking at me oddly. Almost like he wanted to say something. I wasn’t sure what was going on, so I just let it go.

We were driving around the court square when he finally asked if I was going to tell him what I thought about his beard or if I had even noticed.

I glanced over at him in the driver’s seat. Trying to hide the fact that I was noticing the lack of facial hair for the first time that night.

“It looks great! I like it!”

I’m certain my face must have turned 100 shades red from embarrassment. I couldn’t make eye contact. 

I did start talking after that. About anything. To hide the fact that I hadn’t even noticed he had shaved off his beard.

Sometime later, much, much later,  I did tell him that I lied and hadn’t even noticed until he asked. I’ve never really been into appearances. I like people for who they are, not what they look like.

Unless someone’s character or behavior changes, I typically don’t notice the external changes. You aren’t what you look like, but who you are inside.

Inspiration for this post was taken from 30 Days of Your Stories . Please hop over to her blog and check out her awesome idea!!!

You can link to MY 30 days of stories below!

1. Saturday mornings
2. Neighbors
3. Vacation
4. Music
5. Accents
6. Cars
7. Books
8. Purse
9. Your favorite grade
10. Your Go-To Story
11. Holidays
12. Letter to yourself as a teenager
13. Lying
14. Pets
15. Sports
16. Your Room
17. One time you weren’t cool
18. Weather
19. Recipe
20. What you want to remember
21. Traveling
22. Shoes
23. Favorite Bible verse
24. Your bravest moment
25. Garden
26. Your favorite color
27. The breathings of your heart
28. Comfort
29. The book inside you
30. Your worst fear

photo credit: paurian via photopin cc
photo credit: massdistraction via photopin cc

2 responses to this post.

  1. Agreed. I wish more people would make their decisions based on character, and not appearances.


  2. for dear ones, sometimes i feel giving complement for the change that they do for us is good.


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