Butterflies, Bizarre Nicknames, & Playground Weddings

When I was in elementary our community had three separate elementary schools. However, a new Intermediate School was completed right before I began fifth grade. Even though the new cafeteria wasn’t quite finished, the new building made room in the district for all elementaries to merge into one. This meant a new school building, new teachers, and new classmates a whole year early than the transition to middle school.

The butterflies of nerves and excitement at the beginning of that year were nothing compared to the memories that remain from that year.

Somehow in that transition a staff of educators who were also being merged managed to seamlessly merge a three separate families into one family. Fifth grade is probably the last year I remember not knowing who was cool or popular, but instead remember that the kids I played with and hung out with were amazingly awesome!

We had nicknames. The most bizarre, and in some cases, like mine, disturbing nicknames that we will never be able to explain to anyone. 

My nickname was Killer Kid. Because of my long fingernails that cut anyone I grabbed a hold of. I even made my own shirt with fabric pens. Red ink, I believe. Obviously a name like Killer Kid needs a white men’s t-shirt covered in red ink that resembles blood to wear to school in fifth grade.

I told you it was disturbing.

We sang country music as a group in front of our class. “Oh play me some mountain music like grandma and grandpa used to play. Then I’ll float on down the river to my Cajun hideaway.”

They had to bring our lunches to us in brown paper bags in our classrooms until the lunchroom was completed. It was like a picnic everyday.

We performed weddings on the playground that year. I had my first boy friend. He actually called me at home. Weird.

Someone got pushed in the creek one day at recess. We usually just played tether ball, though. 

I got sent to the office for the first time ever for accidentally slamming my fist down on a mustard bottle and squirting Oxfrog’s new white shirt with mustard. 

We were graded in electives for the first time ever, and as a result I received my first non-A. I still can’t find it in me to say I enjoy anything related to art.

We collected pencil shavings, eraser dust, rubber bands, tinfoil, and Lord knows what else that year. We had fun with our teacher; I’m not as confident she’d say she had fun with us. We REALLY liked each other. Our annual test books fell out of the cabinet on her head. 

Yeah, fifth grade was amazing year. I really missed the innocence from that year after we transitioned to middle school. It seemed like all the family we had grown into in fifth grade become victims of divorce in middle school. One group claimed one person and a different group another until we reached high school and various parts of the family barely even recognized one another anymore.

Those truly were the days.

Inspiration for this post was taken from 30 Days of Your Stories . Please hop over to her blog and check out her awesome idea!!!

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4 responses to this post.

  1. What a memory you have! Sounds like a great year! Also, love that song!
    My fifth year was memorable too because I got put back to a lower stratified set of classes (I was having trouble with Math and Science, I recall). The second day into my new schedule, my English teacher marched into my new (lower) English classroom and grabbed my hand and said, “You belong in my classroom.” And that's how it was. I was in 5-2 for all my classes except for English because she fought for me! I loved that teacher! =)


  2. u have a nice memory .was trying to recollect mine but could hardly get such a deep insight. nice work


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  4. Such a fun memory. I moved to a new town just before 5th grade started, but my first day at school – I had immediate friends. Your post brought back a lot of those memories.


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