(You DON’T) Call Me Pinto Baby

I’m supposed to be telling my stories in 30 days for my kids to read later. A memoir of sorts. Today’s topic is cars. At first when I saw it on the list I wrinkled my nose. Whatever could I say about cars that might remotely be interesting or give my children insight to how I have become who I am?

If I were to say the word pinto, you would probably think of beans or horses. However, I hear Pinto, and I think I’m probably about to glare at my husband for making fun of me.

Surely it DIDN’T look like this????

My parents had a Ford Pinto when I was young. Some of my earliest memories come from watching people out the back glass of that car. Yes, the back glass because I was sitting in the back, facing the road behind us, and no, there wasn’t a seatbelt involved.

I remember long car rides playing games, and with one of those spring on a suction cup push down jumping animal toys that I think we eventually got in trouble for, with a family friend my age as we traveled to the races or a state park or something similar. I couldn’t even tell you the color of this vehicle. I just have small snapshots filed away of things I saw or did while sitting in the back.

Maybe something a little more like this!

Unfortunately, before I even met my husband, my mother shared some of the stories with a member of his family and after we started dating they got passed on to him. Somehow, almost 20 years after meeting him, he still calls me Pinto Baby every once in a while. 

I don’t know why it irritates me so much. I only have good memories.

But for real. It isn’t like I was born in that car. We weren’t homeless. I didn’t live in that car. 

I guess it could be worse. I’d rather be known as the Pinto Baby than the L’eggs Pantyhose Van Preteen, but that’s a story for a whole different day!

Inspiration for this post was taken from 30 Days of Your Stories . Please hop over to her blog and check out her awesome idea!!!

You can link to MY 30 days of stories below!

1. Saturday mornings
2. Neighbors
3. Vacation
4. Music
5. Accents
6. Cars
7. Books
8. Purse
9. Your favorite grade
10. Your Go-To Story
11. Holidays
12. Letter to yourself as a teenager
13. Lying
14. Pets
15. Sports
16. Your Room
17. One time you weren’t cool
18. Weather
19. Recipe
20. What you want to remember
21. Traveling
22. Shoes
23. Favorite Bible verse
24. Your bravest moment
25. Garden
26. Your favorite color
27. The breathings of your heart
28. Comfort
29. The book inside you
30. Your worst fear

photo credit: Cauldron Graphix via photopin cc
photo credit: Flicktone via photopin cc

7 responses to this post.

  1. I remember pintos looking more like the 2nd picture (the one in blue) but a whole lot less 'pimped out'. Growing up, we also had that station wagon with the rear-facing seat. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


  2. I just love old cars, and I think your 30 day challenge is an awesome idea! It is so neat that you are writing down your stories for your kids to read. It is so important to pass on stories, and exchange experiences, isn't it? Loved your post!


  3. My son (who is in his mid 20's now) decided, when he was about 19, to buy a 78 Ford Pinto and try to restore it. He's mechanically inclined and fixes his cars when they need repairs (and ours, sometimes, too) BUT he quickly discovered he was way over his head. Still, he did make a small profit when he sold the car. Alana


  4. This one turned out to be more fun than I expected. The old family friends even got in on telling stories on my author page on fb. No rear seat in ours! We sat, or lay if we were tired, in the floor! Of course that was back in the days of no seat belt laws. 🙂


  5. I don't even remember how I came across the blog post that started this challenge, but it is super easy and fun! Some of them are a stretch for me, but once I get started I have to remind myself to stop babbling!


  6. My grandpa had a Ford Galaxy. After he passed away, none of his children wanted it. I begged, but my grandma and parents said it would cost me too much to restore. I still talk about tracking that car down. I would LOVE to have it, restore it, and, drive it!


  7. I've noticed that just a prompt, or a bit of a memory from my childhood, will pull out all kinds of memories that I had forgotten about! This is such a cool challenge and your children will thank you for writing all these memories down!


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