Accentually Sparkling!!!

Accents. My mom’s from New England. Even after living in Missouri more than 20 years, she still had her accent.

“Go pahk the cah in the gahrahge.”

Long vowels, short to non-existent r sounds. 

Until my mom moved back to Maine and I didn’t talk to her on a daily basis, I didn’t hear her accent. 

I don’t think I have an accent. 

Regional dialect? Yup.

Accent? Nope.

My husband calls laundry detergent “warshing powders”. It really used to drive me bonkers. I hadn’t ever heard anyone call it that. I didn’t even know what he was talking about for the longest time. 

It wasn’t his accent. He doesn’t have one. It was his dialect based on the environment he was raised in.

I say y’all. There isn’t an accent when I say it. It’s clean and clear. It’s exceptionally poor grammar for an English teacher, but it’s part of who I am.

If you wanna call my vocabulary my accent, well, it’s ok. I like ta sparkle and shine, y’all!

Inspiration for this post was taken from 30 Days of Your Stories . Please hop over to her blog and check out her awesome idea!!!

You can link to MY 30 days of stories below!

1. Saturday mornings
2. Neighbors
3. Vacation
4. Music
5. Accents
6. Cars
7. Books
8. Purse
9. Your favorite grade
10. Your Go-To Story
11. Holidays
12. Letter to yourself as a teenager
13. Lying
14. Pets
15. Sports
16. Your Room
17. One time you weren’t cool
18. Weather
19. Recipe
20. What you want to remember
21. Traveling
22. Shoes
23. Favorite Bible verse
24. Your bravest moment
25. Garden
26. Your favorite color
27. The breathings of your heart
28. Comfort
29. The book inside you
30. Your worst fear

photo credit: martinak15 via photopin cc
photo credit: Cali4beach via photopin cc

2 responses to this post.

  1. Carrie, thanks for introducing me to this story telling series. I am headed over to check it out now, ya'll. I am Southern to the bone and I know my accent tells everyone where I am from. 😉


  2. Hehe. Accents are fascinating and sometimes annoying. I settled in England at the age of 45, formerly from Australia. The English love Australian accents. Mine is barely evident. But I was in for a shock with all the different accents in England. Every region has its own, some, like the Scottish, almost impossible to decipher. Makes life interesting.


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