Singing Out of the Shower

I can’t remember, nor would a want to, a time of my life when music wasn’t an integral part of who I was. At Girl Scout camp the counselors would refer to me as the “walking hymnal” because I knew the words to just about every hymn someone would start playing on the piano.

Country music? I know that. Classic rock? I know that. Rap? I know a little bit of that. Choral music? I know that. Classic music? I know that. Pop? I got that. Contemporary Christian? Yep. Worship? Yep. 

And just about everyone who knows me knows all of that. But what about music from my childhood? My parents records that I listened to over and over? Sure, but that wasn’t really MY music.

My music came via cassette tape through a boom box. 80’s style. Big hair. Balloon pants, aka Hammer pants. 

Oh my goodness! I can’t even tell you how many times I still go to hand someone something, yank it back, and say, “You can’t touch this!”

Ha ha ha!!!

So much fun! So many great memories. Singing along to the boom box into a hairbrush while harmonizing with someone on the other end of a landline. Who even knows what a corded landline is anymore?

Perhaps I’ll write a song about it!

Inspiration for this post was taken from 30 Days of Your Stories . Please hop over to her blog and check out her awesome idea!!!

You can link to MY 30 days of stories below!

1. Saturday mornings
2. Neighbors
3. Vacation
4. Music
5. Accents
6. Cars
7. Books
8. Purse
9. Your favorite grade
10. Your Go-To Story
11. Holidays
12. Letter to yourself as a teenager
13. Lying
14. Pets
15. Sports
16. Your Room
17. One time you weren’t cool
18. Weather
19. Recipe
20. What you want to remember
21. Traveling
22. Shoes
23. Favorite Bible verse
24. Your bravest moment
25. Garden
26. Your favorite color
27. The breathings of your heart
28. Comfort
29. The book inside you
30. Your worst fear

photo credit: ejmc via photopin cc

3 responses to this post.

  1. Ha ha I love music too. I have special memories when I was growing up of singing out loud with my mom and my brother. Such fun. But let all who take refuge in You be glad, Let them ever sing for joy; psalm 5:11a
    Nice post.
    Keep singing!


  2. I am a music lover and though I may not have pretended to sing into a hairbrush (perhaps 'cause I had short hair LOL), I did record A LOT of music from a boom box to cassettes…did I say that right? 😉 Oh some fun and lively music! 😉 ❤


  3. I loved this post! All great songs. I recall wearing out my Tiffany cassette and having to replace it.


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