Marvin Gardens Had Nothing on My Neighbors

Totally wrong spelling for my Marvin Street address, but it was a perfect picture because I remember the Easter Lilies along the sidewalk!

We lived in town until I was in first grade. I can’t remember the names of the family that lived on our left, but I know their children and grandchildren. I also know that I was always welcome at their home.


You know. The extra set of good, Christian grandparents on the block.

Except for apparently I went to visit them one morning when I was supposed to be playing in my own yard. But apparently I saw them, changed yards, and was invited in for a snack.

It was harmless. I went there all the time. However, I had never gone there without permission before.

Turns out when you go somewhere you didn’t ask to go that is out of sight of your parents they get a little panicked. That panic doesn’t work out in your favor when they find you.

Standing with your nose in the corner was an acceptable punishment for someone my age in that day and time. So unfair.

I was safe. I was having a snack and awesome conversation with great neighbors!

Sometimes life lessons are hard. It wasn’t many years later that a twelve year old girl a couple grades ahead of me in school was kidnapped off the street. In retrospect, standing in the corner wasn’t much of a punishment at all. I didn’t wander off again after that little adventure.

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Inspiration for this post was taken from 30 Days of Your Stories . Please hop over to her blog and check out her awesome idea!!!

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photo credit: Tostie14 via photopin cc

2 responses to this post.

  1. Punishment was considered right and proper back in the day. And when you looked back, you saw why it was imposed. I pray for all the children who are abducted. How can people commit this crime?


  2. When I was a child, the kids had more freedoms to explore their surroundings without the fears that exist today. But if we did something against our parents wishes, we got spankings and lectures (sometimes the lectures were more painful than the spankings!). And as Francene said, when we you look back, you see why parents would punish us. When I started high school, my best friend was abducted from the local convenience store by a jealous ex-boyfriend who murdered her. What a shock to our community. I pray for the safety of all.


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