Scoot Back Before You Ruin Your Eyes!

Saturday mornings for me as a child were all about the cartoons. Whether I had spent the night at my grandparents and sat in front of a gas heater as close to the television as we could get with aunts and uncles first thing in the morning or was at home sitting in the floor in front of the television, it was all about the animation. 

It didn’t matter that I was going to ruin my eyes sitting so close to screen. (Yes, I heard that a few million times.) I just wanted to be close to my Saturday morning friends.

Mighty Mouse
Scooby Doo, Where Are You!
The Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show
Fat Albert and The Cosby Kids

Yeah, I’m that young. 🙂

In a day and age that we can watch pretty much anything on demand, it’s hard to understand how much young children anticipated Saturday mornings. Cartoons weren’t available 24/7. And, believe it or not, our parents couldn’t just pop a disc or even a VHS into a video player. I told you, I am too young for that type of technology to be readily available for lower middle class.

I couldn’t tell you what we had for breakfast. It was probably a bowl of cold cereal. No real Saturday morning breakfast tradition to speak of. I’m not sure if it was shopping day or not. I will never forget that the morning hours were filled with my favorite grainy, antennae transmitted, animated friends.

Oh, and yes, I was the remote. I guess you could say we had a cordless remote. I just had two legs and two arms.

Inspiration for this post was taken from 30 Days of Your Stories . Please hop over to her blog and check out her awesome idea!!!

You can link to MY 30 days of stories below!

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2. Neighbors
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4. Music
5. Accents
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7. Books
8. Purse
9. Your favorite grade
10. Your Go-To Story
11. Holidays
12. Letter to yourself as a teenager
13. Lying
14. Pets
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17. One time you weren’t cool
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24. Your bravest moment
25. Garden
26. Your favorite color
27. The breathings of your heart
28. Comfort
29. The book inside you
30. Your worst fear

photo credit: Ry-2k via photopin cc


7 responses to this post.

  1. Carrie, that is how I and my brothers and sisters spent Saturday mornings as well: glued to the tube to watch our favourite and/or many cartoons in a row including some of the ones you mentioned and are featured in the video: Scooby Doo, The Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner Show, and the like. Perhaps the TV acted a bit like a babysitter? 😉 ❤


  2. That is exactly how I spent my Saturday and Sunday mornings (Sundays before church was always Power Rangers for me).


  3. Well, I must be even younger because our saturday mornings were spent listening to the radio. I remember the White Magnolia Tree, the Black Tulip and various other BBC productions listened to in Australia. Later in the day, I'd take my younger sisters to the library. Upstairs, they'd show Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny and the Cathey News. No television sets reached us until 1956.


  4. I spent my Saturdays glued to the TV but in my case it was black and white, and having a color set was a distant dream. Didn't own one until I was newly married and 21 years old! Alana


  5. I sat often too close to the television that my Mom would say (and I swear I can hear her voice right now) “Dorit, go nine feet back otherwise you'll get radiation.” She was scared of lots of things but I loved her just the same. Great post – a “memory bringer.” Dorit Sasson
    author of the memoir, Accidental Soldier: What My Service in the Israel Defense Forces Taught Me about Faith, Courage, and Love


  6. Yeah, those were the same cartoons I watched too as a kid. Yeah, we're in the same generation. 🙂


  7. Goodness, this brings back memories – very similar to how my siblings and I spent our Saturday mornings, as well. Cartoons and cereal, included!


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