3 Ways to Keep Your Faith in Your Face

Even the most devout Christians go through seasons in life where it feels like their faith is only lived out when they are actively serving. You know, when they are at church, on the mission field, or fellowshipping with other Christians. Then there’s the other 95% of our time.
What practical things can we do to keep our faith walk as our number one focus in our everyday lives? Sure, we know the “right” answers: pray, read our Bible, attend church regularly, and serve as Jesus did, but in a world of political correctness how can we keep our faith alive and in our face when the world wants us to keep it hidden?
Here are three super easy things we can do to keep our faith in front of our face 24/7:

1. Set passwords based on your One Word for the year or current spiritual goal.

When you go rushing into your office in the midst of a crisis and lean over to hastily login to your workstation, that instantaneous phrase will remind you of your purpose and who you are in Christ.
But seek first his kingdom<span class="crossreference" data-cr="#cen-NIV-23316A" data-link="(A)” style=”box-sizing: border-box; color: black; font-family: ‘Helvetica Neue’, Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 0.625em; line-height: 22px; position: relative; top: 0px; vertical-align: top;”> and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Matthew 6:33 NIV
Imagine when your phrase is some variation of “seek His will” and that’s what you type in every day. Do you think it would be easy to forget what you were supposed to be doing? Every morning as you login at work you send yourself a reminder first thing that your first goal is to seek His will for you at work today.
What access we have given the Holy Spirit when we hand Him our passwords.

2. Set your alarms and ringtones to song lyrics that motivate you to do something.

What wakes you up in the morning? A loud and annoying beep that you can’t possibly sleep through? A pleasant melody turned up loud enough that you will wake up but your ears won’t be offended? Or do you wake up to a charge from the Holy Spirit?
and, moreover, that the Gentiles<span class="crossreference" data-cr="#cen-NIV-28313A" data-link="(A)” style=”box-sizing: border-box; font-size: 0.625em; line-height: 22px; position: relative; top: 0px; vertical-align: top;”> might glorify God<span class="crossreference" data-cr="#cen-NIV-28313B" data-link="(B)” style=”box-sizing: border-box; font-size: 0.625em; line-height: 22px; position: relative; top: 0px; vertical-align: top;”> for his mercy. As it is written: “Therefore I will praise you among the Gentiles; I will sing the praises of your name.” Romans 15:9 NIV
My husband recently changed his morning alarm to lyrics instead of a preset alarm. I’ve been waking up when he gets up and singing the song the rest of the day. “’Cause here I go again, Talking’ bout the rain, And mulling over things that won’t live past today, And as I dance around the truth, Time is not his friend, This might be my last chance to tell him that You love him, But here I go again,” are the lyrics by Casting Crowns the now rouses us from sleep and reminds us that not only is our time here limited, but so is the time of everyone we come in contact with daily. Are we using our words to share Jesus or just to carrying on pointless conversations?

3. Place scripture anywhere you look frequently.

The blank space on the wall in front of the toilet? Scripture on an index card or post-it note. Edge of the mirror over the vanity? Scripture on an index card or post-it note. Window casing or chalkboard in front of the kitchen sink? Scripture. Visor in your car? Paper clip a printed scripture to it. Desk calendar at work? Write a scripture on it! Background of your cell phone? Scripture! That spot you find yourself staring at when you are thinking? Scripture—big enough that you can read it from however far you typically are from it!
I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11 NIV
The possibilities for where are endless. Now you just have to decide if you’re going to use the same scripture everywhere until you have it memorized, or if you are going to choose a different scripture for each location. What word do you need in each location? Or are you in a season where you need a themed reminder, do not fear, in every location?
You know, I read a lot of these self-help type articles and think, “Those are great suggestions, but I don’t have the resources or the time or the talent that it takes to do any one of them.”  Do you think these suggestions are practical? Could someone in rural America carry them out as easily as someone in the most diverse city?

What if you could pick one to start with? Which one would you pick and what would you do, specifically, to get started?

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3 responses to this post.

  1. These are wonderful and practical suggestions to keep ourselves centered during our busy days. I display vision boards for my goals. I also have a sign in the bathroom area that says, “Cherish life's simple pleasures.” And I display little reminders around the house and in my gardens to keep me focused.

    Thanks for sharing these tips!


  2. I love this! Simple, easy steps to incorporate in to my every day. Thanks for these suggestions. (found you on NaBloPoMo)


  3. Fantastic ideas to keep the Word of God in front of us. Would love you to link to Sunday Stillness. http://www.janiscox.com


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