Dust Shakin’ Kind of Foot Washin’

If any household or town refuses to welcome you or listen to your message, shake its dust from your feet as you leave. 
Matthew 10:14

Someone I’m friends with on facebook liked another facebook friend’s post this week. 

Immediately my feelings were hurt.

Why? Was the post about me? Surely I was being slandered or at least vaguely talked about, right?

Nope. Absolutely Christian post that I liked, too.

This “friend” has had nothing to do with me in quite some time. No contact. No texts. No phone call. No card in the mail. No, not even a like on a status on facebook.

I post Christian things. Why don’t they like my posts? Are they punishing me for something? Do they think I’ve done something to them?

Yes, these really were the thoughts flying through my head at nine million nanoseconds. I, a mature adult, a Christian woman, a mother, a teacher of teenagers, a coach, an individual with a host of psychology coursework on my resume, immediately started down this path of questioning that would lead me nowhere other than depressed and hurt.

I almost didn’t like the friend’s status because of who had already liked the status.

Yep. I told you I was sinking low fast.

Grow up, Carrie. You’re better than this kind of petty stuff. Do the right thing!

Pep talk to convince myself it was not only ok to like the status I absolutely agreed with, but necessary to prove I was an adult. And then something entered my mind that wasn’t my thoughts.

Shake the dust from your feet and move on. It’s time to let this go, and go.

Say what? That’s rude. You don’t just walk away from people and tough situations. You deal with them. You work through it. 

I’ve always struggled a bit with those verses about shaking the dust from your feet. It’s an insult. 

It was a gesture the Jewish people did when leaving a Gentile town to say, “We don’t want to take ANYTHING from this city with us.” It was an insult.

I’m not an insulting person by nature. Sometimes my bluntness comes off that way, but it is rarely intentional or even realized by me. I try to get along with everyone. Even if I don’t like you, we’ll get along because I’ll make sure to treat you the way I want to be treated.

So, this “shake the dust off your feet”, walk away, and never have anything to do with them again mentality goes against almost every grain of my being. 

But it’s in the Bible. And the Holy Spirit keeps bringing it to the front of my mind every time I want to wallow in hurt or question past decisions. 

Matthew 10:14, Mark 6:11, and Luke 9:5 all use the phrase in conjunction with “…refuses to welcome you…” NLT. And that’s where it is for me. It doesn’t say tolerate you. It doesn’t say merely get along with you. It clearly says welcome you.

There’s a big difference between welcoming someone into my home and tolerating or getting along with someone in my home. One of those groups I’m waiting on the porch for when they pull up and standing there asking them to stay longer when they’re loading up to leave. The other, I’m doing everything it takes to stay in the conversation as the evening drags by. There’s a big difference between being polite and being welcoming.

Shake the dust from your feet, Carrie.

Perhaps you too are feeling self-doubt, inadequate, or hurt feelings from an event that should have been put to rest ages ago. Do you need to shake the dust from your feet? 

Is God asking you to let it go and find freedom in Him? 

See, this pain we’re holding on to is holding us back from the freedom found in Him. It’s time to partake in different kind of foot washing service and once and for all let it go!

photo credit: RenoTahoe via photopin cc

4 responses to this post.

  1. Great reminder Carrie Ann. We get so caught up in meaningless things. You just gotta shake it off!


  2. I was always one that was critical when i would pass someone at the grocery store or on the sidewalk that would not smile back. Every since I was a little girl I would always smile when I pass someone, whether I knew them or not. You never know when your smile will lighten up someones day. I also do not like grim facial expressions, it makes you look mad. This is such a little thing but really bothers me.

    When my father passed away I had to go shopping for a new shirt for my husband to wear to the funeral. I was in a daze and was not really acknowledging others until a lady passed me and made a point to make eye contact and smile. I didn't feel like smiling but managed to muster one up. It made me realize that we never know what the other person is going through and how they perceive us or our actions. We can't control others, the only things we can control is us and how we respond to things. It is up to us to take the high road no matter what.


  3. Great post!


  4. This is such an important reminder! Its too easy to get caught up in what everyone else thinks. Whenever this happens to me I loose a part of myself. I always pull myself back up but it would be easier to not get caught up at all. A wonderful post.


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