Life to the Fullest Leads to Writing Hiatus

I haven’t had energy left to write for the past three days. It’s been the longest stretch that I haven’t written since December 29, 2013. 

With one child playing high school baseball and involved in various spring FFA events, one playing high school golf and involved in the high school spring play, and me coaching high school softball, life is insanely busy and scheduled. Add in the fact that state testing is looming, we’ve had 20+ snow days, third quarter is ending, and hubby’s birthday coming up, well, time is not something I have an abundance of.

Everybody has games and matches beginning this week, so things are about to get crazier. I’m trying to prepare.

Today is Saturday and I’m going to school to work this morning. Apparently it’s a GREAT morning to do so because I woke up thinking about pacing for the next eight weeks and how to change up pacing and curriculum for next school year. 

The things teachers dream about.

LOL. Not really.

But I would like to know what dream prompted those thoughts to come first today! 

So, while my kiddos go hit the golf course, I’m going to hit the books. Here’s hoping that later this afternoon I can find some time for something fun, and that this evening we can go catch Divergent at the movies as a family.

Happy weekend, friends! I hope you too are living life to it’s absolute fullest!

photo credit: rjnagle via photopin cc
photo credit: gibsonsgolfer via photopin cc

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