Sharing the Love of Words

Blog love. That’s what we’re sharing today in the Write Tribe Festival of Words-3. Two short months into the year, and I have discovered many new blogging friends who’s words I’ve come to respect. I was recommended for this same post by Carol Graham at Battered Hope. It’s how I heard of the Write Tribe. So, now I’m returning the love.

I'm taking part in the Write Tribe Festival of Words -3

I’m not sure I can pick one.

Joanna writes at Ecuador in my eyes. I love her authenticity. The way she encourages and inspires through her journey and words.  

Ilesha “CoCo” Graham shares her written words and videos at CoCo Speaks. She speaks truth in an inspiring and motivating way. One of those people you meet on the internet and think, “Wow. Uncanny how alike we are.” 

Single? Know some one who is single? Ever been single? If you can answer any of those questions with a yes, then you’ll find great wisdom at Love and Grace Media written by Candra Evans. I discovered her blog through a writing challenge, and now I read and share regularly. 

What about you? What blogs would you recommend? Looking for some more recommendations? You can find them here.

photo credit: muckster via photopin cc


16 responses to this post.

  1. Nice to be introduced to such talented bloggers.


  2. Can't wait to check out your list and thank you for the comment Carol @ Battered Hope


  3. All seem like fabulous blogs. I'm going to check them out soon! Thank you for sharing 🙂


  4. Thanks for sharing , Carrie 🙂 shall soon hop over to them !


  5. Thanks for sharing, will hop over soon 🙂


  6. Thanks Carrie, will now go and find out more about them 🙂



  7. Fine blogs I will need to get to know! Thanks for pointing the way!


  8. Thanks for adding more blogs in our network of blogs, Carrie! Will check them out 🙂


  9. Wow nice intro and a good concept of introducing fellow bloggers.


  10. Thank you for introducing such brilliant bloggers!!
    I haven't read them before, but I'm glad I know them now


  11. I read Joanna's blog too. She shares her authentic experience in another country.


  12. they are all new blogs to me…I will try to read them…


  13. Thank you for sharing other blogs I can check out.
    ~ Jodene


  14. I like and I like the ones you recommended too. Thanks for sharing!


  15. I completely relate to the 'How alike we are' feeling. Have felt that way with quite a few bloggers 🙂


  16. Cool blogs that you shared and looking forward to them whenever I have time:)


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