Soapbox of Leviticus Laws

So we’re reading that amazing section of Leviticus that gets thrown out by everyone on a soapbox about people picking and choosing which rules they want to follow in the Bible.

You know, you can’t mix two different fabrics, you can’t trim your hair or beard, no sex unless it’s with a spouse of the opposite sex, no tattoos, no revenge, hatred, or grudge-bearing, no gossip or slander, no mediums, fortune-telling, or witchcraft, be honest, and the list goes on and on.

Christianity isn’t about following a list of rules. It’s about accepting the gift of salvation provided by the Savior who died and rose again to pay for my sins.

Most of those Leviticus laws were based on pagan rituals from the time period. For example, the hair cuts, beard trimming, cutting, and tattooing were all used during  pagan mourning. Obviously we don’t ceremonially use those things to show our mourning or to offer worship to other gods.

I’m never amazed by individuals who are openly opposed to Christianity and the Bible throwing these Scriptures out to show hypocrisy in Christians. I expect that. 

I am, however, amazed when we ourselves do it.

As my family watched Best Ink tonight, Chris mentioned tattoos being in our Bible reading tonight. Our kids were in the room, so I refrained from rolling my eyes.

Every time I hear that I want to say, “Yep, and men shouldn’t cut their hair or their beards either. And any person who’s had sex with anyone of the opposite sex that they aren’t married to at the time of the encounter should most likely be put to death by this same law.”

We can’t pick and choose. Either we believe that Old Testament law was settled when Jesus came OR we must fulfill all of the laws set forth in the Old Testament (James 2:10). 

Now, I’m not capable of keeping all the laws in the Old or New Testament. Even though I intentionally try not to sin, I still sin (Romans 7:14-25). 

I read this Old Testament law, that disturbs me, that scares me, that straight up makes me wonder about the society God gave this law to, because there are lessons within it that I can apply to my own life. I can read it and know that I shouldn’t do things that the culture around me is doing if it goes against the commandments I do have as an example.

So, if I plant two different kinds of seed in the same field, please know I’m not expecting any mystical power to show up. And I promise not to judge you for trimming your hair and choosing not to have a beard. You see, I think I’ll choose to show you love instead of judging you for Old Testament laws that God Himself is no longer holding us accountable by (Romans 7:6).

photo credit: FirewallJC via photopin cc

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  1. thanks for sharing this info. learnt something new. you have a great blog.


  2. An interesting read.


  3. Ah, this was a very interesting read!


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