Why I Don’t Want to Bump Into Jesus

Bumping into Jesus

What kind of faith (relationship) do you have in (with) Jesus?

If He were to lay hands on your burden, do you believe it would be healed? (Mark 5:23)

If you were to touch Him in a crowd, do you believe He could heal whatever ails you? (Mark 5:28)

Or are you like the Centurion? Do you believe if He simply says the words you will be healed? (Luke 7:7)

Perhaps you’re more like Jesus’ relatives and neighbors and you refuse to believe He can do what others claim. (Mark 6:3)

Jesus meets our needs based on our faith.

Jairus believed his daughter could be healed only if Jesus would see her in person and lay hands on her. Jesus responded to Jairus’ faith. He went physically to the daughter, laid hands on her (Mark 5:41), and brought her back to life.

The woman with the twelve-year-long bleeding disorder believed that if she could just touch Jesus’ robe she would be healed.  Without His permission, she touched His robe and was immediately healed. Realizing He had healed someone, Jesus asked who had touched Him. Her faith brought healing through Jesus.

The Centurion knew his slave needed healing only Jesus could offer. He also knew that as a man of authority all Jesus needed to do was speak and the deed would be done. Jesus was amazed by this Centurion’s faith, and without ever being near the man’s slave, the slave was completely healed. The Centurion’s faith brought healing through Jesus.

Jesus’ own family and members of His hometown were amazed by His wisdom and power to perform miracles. However, His ability offended them so they chose not to believe in Him. Their unbelief hindered His healing (Mark 6:5). 

Four separate people, four separate situations, and four different displays of faith. Jesus met each need based on the faith displayed. 

What kind of faith do you have in Jesus?

What do you need from Jesus today? What kind of faith do you have that he can do it?

I wonder if we’re so used to bumping into Jesus that we’ve become detached from the power He carries. 

After my Bible study today, I’m thinking I want to approach Jesus in faith rather than in easygoing fellowship. I don’t want to bump into Jesus. I want to touch Him, and have Him touch me, intentionally.

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