Foot-Stomping, Hand-Clapping, Shouting Song

Do not quench the Spirit. 
1 Thessalonians 5:19

Sometimes your soul just craves a foot-stomping, hand-clapping, shouting song. Or maybe that’s just me and my background, but sometimes I really just want to praise the Lord with my whole being and do it loudly.

Last weekend we got in the car and Matt Maher’s, “All The People Said Amen” came on. Lily and I were both singing along. Nothing odd about that.

Until the chorus. The chorus is pretty straight forward. And we sang along. Expect three of the four lines contain the words, “And all the people said Amen.”

We sang that line each time.

There’s a break after that line each time. A break exactly appropriate for God’s people to yell “AMEN!”

And guess what both of us did without planning it?

Yep, we both yelled “AMEN!” each time. And then giggled when we realized the other had also.

You know, sometimes a soul just has an amen it needs to let out! 

I’m afraid that we’ve become so conservative in our worship that we’re bordering in quenching the Spirit. We sit in church services where evangelists have to beg us to whisper amen or even to nod our heads in agreement. 

I remember some older Christians from my youth who would be considered a disruption and disorderly in many of the services I attend simply for being filled with the Spirit. My soul is craving some worship with some sold out worshipers. Ones who are filled to over-flowing. Willing to shout. To raise their hands. To allow the tears to stream. To allow the Spirit to be set free.

I want to hear all the people…


4 responses to this post.

  1. I love this post, and although I don't share your religion, I truly appreciate what you are saying, to have that wish to shout out to your faith, and to the Lord. I have been to churches where people do that and have been so taken with their spirit. I love this song too, hearing it here for the first time. I can see why you love it too. Thank you for sharing. Peace to you.


  2. I enjoyed your post. I agree with what you are saying about a no holds barred celebrate God with as many AMENs as you'd like. I wish everyone felt comfortable enough to shout the love to God out to the world.


  3. I'm glad I got to introduce you to some new music! I love music and try to share it on my blog as much as I can!

    Please stop by again!


  4. Dr. Tandy,

    What a different world that would be! I'm not even sure I'm accurately picturing it, but I'd like to see it just once!

    Thanks for stopping by. Come back again!


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