Uncomfortable Itchy Hallelujah

(FYI: This isn’t my flesh.)

Intense desire to scratch oneself to death.

That’s what it should be called.

However, when I finally went to see the nurse practitioner a week ago, she said it was follicular dermatitis. Probably caused by the cold weather since I haven’t been in a hot tub anytime lately.

This morning it’s called a good excuse to contemplate not attending church.

See, I’m not allowed to shave, wear jeans, leggings, or any other type of clothing that may touch or aggravate said affected areas of my flesh. So, oversized, stretched out, elastic waist shorts or sweat pants it is. Oh, and very loose tops with no undergarments.

Yeah, picture that in church.

Now, picture that from a cold call visitor in church. Someone you don’t know. Not even their face from around town. 

Yesterday I started the “where are we going to church tomorrow” conversation early. I need to know. This clothing issue could be an issue. 

10:04 AM on Sunday morning and I don’t know where we’re going to church.

The eldest child had to work last night and will be missing church today for the first time due to work. When he came in late last night we were up waiting. 

“Are you guys just not going to go to church in the morning?” he asked.

We don’t stay up that late on Saturday nights, mom can’t wear normal clothes, eldest child has to work the morning shift, and the younger high school student has to be at school at one. Lots of excuses not to attend church.

But my intense desire to worship is greater than my excuses.   Tweet: But my intense desire to worship is greater than my excuses.

Jesus suffered on a cross for me. 

I may be uncomfortable in church today. I may make others uncomfortable in my dress, in my scratching, even in my heartfelt worship. But I’m looking past my circumstances to bring Him a sacrifice of praise.

Yes, this morning I’m absolutely bringing a broken, no, an itchy, hallelujah.

photo credit: Manue@PrettyKiku via photopin cc


8 responses to this post.

  1. The winter itch is horrible. I've had it, but not to the extent that you have it. I know God will bless you because of your itchy hallelujah.


  2. I like your determination to overcome the obstacle – how was the trip in the end?


  3. Oh boy, I remember having a terrible rash like this


  4. My mother had a painful rash for months but it's finally gone away.
    I love this post because it helps me to focus on Him, too. When I listened to the beautiful Broken Hallelujah, I thought back to the really broken times in my life, and how He has remained steady and brought me through them all. Thank you.


  5. drwixy,

    Yes, I've had some winter skin issues in the past, but this was ridiculous. :-/ Hoping I never have to experience it again. A good three weeks or more of completely altered clothing and routines.

    Thanks for stopping in!


  6. The Great Gordino,

    Thanks for stopping in! Our trip to a new church was more than itchy. It was a bit loud and kind of crazy. Not in a bad way! It was just different and not at all what I was expecting. Christian people who believe in having a good time in the Lord including in church on Sunday morning!


  7. Katherine,

    Short of chicken pox and one round with poison ivy (I avoid the stuff now) I've never had anything like it. Yuck. Who knew an itch could drive a person mad?


  8. I truly love Broken Hallelujah. So much of me is just that, broken, and yet He can use my broken pieces to make something amazingly whole. I must simply be willing to bring Him the pieces.

    Thanks for dropping in and adding your voice to the conversation again, Amy!!!


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