ELECT JESUS: Make Dreams Come True

Stop wishing. Start dreaming and making plans to live those dreams.

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We all have things we’ve wished for haven’t we?

I listened to my freshman daughter rehearse a speech over and over last Friday night and Saturday morning on the importance of goal setting. A portion of her speech addressed dreams we have as kids. You know, “the when I grow up I’m going to” dreams. 

She ended that section with a question of sorts. “Every one of those jobs has to be filled by someone. Why NOT you?”

Why NOT you?

Why do we trade in our dreams, or even more importantly God’s will for our life, for the path that seems safe and stable? 

I remember my childhood dream with clarity. 

I wanted to start as a lawyer. Live on a working ranch in Texas. Work my way up through the system to Supreme Court judge and have someone fly me back and forth from my private airstrip on my ranch.

Big dreams. 

I traded them in for something reasonable. Something safe. Something local. 

What about you? Did you have big dreams? Did you chase them or let reality chase you away from them?


Today I want to help someone move up a rung in their ladder to achieving their big dreams. I want to encourage them not to trade in their dream, but to seek God’s will above all else and to do what so many others only get to dream about.

Helping this young man will do nothing for me personally. As a matter of fact, I don’t even know him. He’s a friend of my cousin, whom I haven’t seen since she was a toddler and I was pregnant with my now sixteen-year-old.

Why then?

Because I had dreams once too and wish someone, anyone, would have encouraged rather than discouraged them. Because I’m talking about community here on the blog this week, and this young man is part of the community. Because I love God and His Son more than anything else and this is a way to share them.

So, I need your help.

You can help this Christian young man, Jared Bonham, in the process of achieving his dream simply by going to YouTube and watching his two and a half minute election commercial for the upcoming “Son of God” movie.

Here is the link: ELECT JESUS.

Go now. Cast your vote simply by clicking on that link. 

Tweet: Here is the link: ELECT JESUS. http://ctt.ec/g06_6+ Go now. Cast your vote simply by clicking on that link.

Did you enjoy it? Please share it! Perhaps you’re like me and have taken the safe route instead of the living in the land of your dreams. I have a feeling as a body of believers we can help encourage a Christian college student who may turn around and produce the next generation of Christian movies. 

Let’s pay it forward!


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