Manna For Morons

“God told them exactly what to expect, what was coming next, and they continued to look for their own solutions. Morons.”

I’m chuckling as I read back over some notes I’ve taken this week during my Bible study time. Yes, I just copy and pasted that. It was my response to Exodus 16:28.

“Moses said, “Eat this food today, for today is a Sabbath day dedicated to the Lord. There will be no food on the ground today. You may gather the food for six days, but the seventh day is the Sabbath. There will be no food on the ground that day.” Some of the people went out anyway on the seventh day, but they found no food. The Lord asked Moses, “How long will these people refuse to obey my commands and instructions? Exodus 16:25-28

Yes, as I read this week I found myself repeatedly asking, “Dear Lord, are these people morons or what?”

See, God kept telling the Israelites, and even Pharaoh, exactly what was going to happen and when. Each event occurred just as He said. You would think after plagues, after getting the Israelites out of Egypt, after parting the sea, water from a rock, and manna from heaven that these people would take His word at face value.

No. They didn’t.

They heard what was said, but every time they questioned. Every time they tried to find a backup plan. Every time they made themselves look like morons.

What has God done for you?

Has He provided a meal when you didn’t know where your next meal was coming from? Has a check come in the mail when you were down to counting pennies? 

Has He rescued you from a situation that should have cost you your life? Has He blessed you beyond measure?

What has God already done in your life?

Can you list the miracles He’s already worked?

Then why, pray tell, are you out searching for manna today that He provided yesterday? Why are you looking for something to put back “just in case” when He’s got something already in store?

Calling the Israelites names is easy, but realizing that I’m guilty of the same offences is not so easy. 

God didn’t lead me out of one place to leave me to die in a wilderness. He didn’t lead me out to watch me starve. He didn’t lead me out and then expect me to do it all on my own. 

God has worked many a miracle on this journey and He’s provided for every single need along the way. 

I don’t have to wonder if He’s looking at me, shaking His head, asking, “How long is she going to refuse to follow my commands and follow my instructions?”

Unfortunately, I know I’ve been just like the Israelites. Another manna seeking moron.

It’s time. 

Time to stop trying to meet the need, and to start whole-heartedly seeking the One who meets all needs.

What about you? 

Are you seeking the manna or the manna Maker? One will feed us for a day, while the other will sustain us for all eternity.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Hey Carrie,

    First time on your blog and it's a pleasure to be here. This post spoke to me, because for the last 5 years the universe has been telling me to move on from my day JOB. Last week I finally handed my notice in to pursue my dreams, but I have literally been going round and round in circles for far too long.

    Thanks for sharing,

    Beth 🙂


  2. They were humans. Humans have fear. The road to acceptance, trust and faith is a long one for some. Once you get there everything is much more clear though.
    If I can list the miracles He’s already worked? Not really. I lost count, there were so many! 😉 Don´t worry I remember a lot of them. 😀


  3. Even when you can say that you've been blessed with miracles, it can still be hard to struggle. Which is exactly what they were doing. When your future is uncertain, as it was for the Israelites, you seek things that will give you more security. In this case manna. I think at one time I too would have thought they were morons. My recent experiences have taught me to look at things from a different perspective. Yes, they were out looking for manna when they didn't need to be. But we can't forget that they did follow Moses out in to the desert as they were asked to do.


  4. Beth,

    I'm so glad you found your way here. Congratulations on taking the first step towards your dream! I, too, understand about going in circles for far too long.

    Please come back and visit again!


  5. Paula,

    How right you are! Wouldn't it be interesting to see how we would respond if we had clear cut instructions like the Israelites did, however?

    I can make a list, but I doubt I'd get half of them down. I try to do something like that at least once a year, though!

    Please come back to chat again!


  6. Cindy,

    Perspective is our word of the month at NaBloPoMo. 🙂 Are you part of that challenge? It started February 1st. What a great reminder to walk a mile!

    I just always focus on the fact that God always let them know what was going to happen ahead of time. Then it always happened that way. And yet they always whined, questioned, and tried to find their own solutions.

    I love discussion and differing perspectives! Please come back and chat again!!!!!!


  7. I loved this post, Carrie!
    I'm planning to finish my booklet at the end of March (the first of my own), and speak to 200 women at the end of April.
    God will provide all that I need to accomplish these goals!
    I just can't get too caught up in what kind of manna I'm finding each day…=)


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