Crazy Stunting Christians

Do you find yourself reading articles based on their titles sometimes?

Yeah, I think the title hooks us first pretty much every time.

What about this one?

“12 Craziest Stunts Pulled By Pastors” by David Gibson


Can’t wait to read this one!

Until I did.

First, I had to Google Simeon Stylites. Then, once I felt that I had a grasp on his historical significance, I moved on to the list of ministry gimmicks.

Yes, that’s what the author called them. Simeon Stylites was a ministry gimmick? 

It’s inferred.

Let me summarize the list for you.

1. Pastors shouldn’t dress up and pretend to be someone they aren’t to make a point.

2. Pastors shouldn’t preach sex.

3. Pastors shouldn’t preach sex.

4. Pastors shouldn’t admit to being overweight, set an example by losing weight by the scripture, or sell a book based on what they did.

5. Pastors shouldn’t encourage their congregation to try to spend ONLY the amount of money food stamp recipients receive each month for food to make a point.

6. Pastors shouldn’t use high-pressure sales techniques to raise money.

7. Pastors shouldn’t promise to do fun and crazy things if their congregation meets a goal.

8. Pastors shouldn’t camp out on the roof until funds are made to meet a need.

9. Pastors shouldn’t encourage unmarried members living together to get married.

10. Christians shouldn’t walk along the highway dragging a huge cross.

11. Authors shouldn’t try to live by all the rules in the Bible and then write about the experience.

12. People gifted in stunts shouldn’t use those stunts as an outreach ministry.

Alright, inquiring minds want to know, does this list amaze and offend you?

The further I read, the more irritated I got.

Yes, some of the things on this list might be a bit gimmicky. However, many of them are legitimate roles, jobs, and ministries.

And only the first nine specifically mention pastors.

Number one is a great object lesson. Gimmicky? You can decide. I’m pretty sure if I was a congregation member, however, I would have learned a lesson that morning.

I’ve already blogged about number three twice before.

Gluttony is a sin. I believe it’s one of the most ignored sins. Where’s the gimmick here? The fact that the pastor wrote a book? Pastors aren’t allowed to make money? This argument always makes me angry.

I’m going to pause there with my thoughts on this list of crazy things pastors do.

What about this crazy thing a youth pastor did? I’d put this on the list!

What do you think? Is this author spot on or would you put something else on the list and take others off?

photo credit: camknows via photopin cc

8 responses to this post.

  1. Headlines do catch your eyes. Many times the articles are not as interesting as the headlines!


  2. I kind of agree with some of these, but most just seem crazy. Why shouldn't a pastor talk about sex? Like you said in your other article, God MEANS for us to have sex and procreate. Heaven forbid God intend for us to ENJOY something that he wants us to do.

    And #9? Why shouldn't a pastor encourage couples living in sin to get married? It's kind of his job to teach people what God expects from them.

    Last, but not least, as you pointed out – why shouldn't a pastor make money? I'm confident that if he's a good pastor, he'll only use said money to benefit others.

    This is a really good post – thanks for sharing! It's got me thinking 🙂


  3. I guess the crazy people are in all walks of life, fun post thanks


  4. Pastors should do what they are called to do by their congregations, and using their creativity shouldn't be a problem. If it gets people interested, isn't that a good thing?


  5. Michelle,

    I absolutely agree! Or, the content isn't really about the title's focus. I hate feeling duped. I want some meat when I click on a link. No fluff. I suppose people who appreciate the fluff posts cringe when they click on links like mine. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping in to chat! Please come back again!


  6. Gabrielle,

    Thank you so much for adding your thoughts to the conversation. I do agree that a few of things, in my opinion, are no nos. However, most of them I can see myself encouraging a pastor/leader to do! I was very taken aback when I read the original article. I was truly expecting crazy things….I don't consider most of these crazy!

    Please come chat again!


  7. LOL, Andrew! Absolutely! I don't think there is a walk of life that got left out of the crazy gene. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping in! PLease drop in again!


  8. Lynda, I don't believe that creativity should be a problem. The author of the original article, however, apparently disagrees. I'm fairly certain that attending their church would be a bore. I'm opposed to making a spectacle of God's house, but I do believe we are supposed to be joyful. There isn't anything wrong with having a little fun.

    And you are absolutely right, getting people interested is a good thing!


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