Is Your Church Friendly

Today’s post contains several questions that I’m needing feedback on. Please reply in the comments with your answers. Thank you for participating!

Is your church friendly?

Many years ago when my husband and I visited a church a member came to talk to us. In the conversation they informed me that they had visited the church I was a member of when they were looking for a church, but that our church was one of the most unfriendly churches they had ever been in.

I was greatly taken aback. I took much offense. I even went as far to label them as snobby and rude in conversations with my husband later.

Today, I am ashamed.

See, I only saw my church as friendly and loving. I couldn’t imagine anyone NOT feeling welcome. While I didn’t particularly remember them coming to visit, I knew what would have occurred when they did.

They were greeted with a smile and handshake when they came in the door. Anyone sitting around them responded in kind either before or after the service. The person doing announcements welcomed all visitors from the pulpit. They were invited to join us again Sunday night.

Our church was a very friendly church. 

I couldn’t imagine my life without the people in that congregation. They weren’t related to me by blood but by His blood.

How dare this individual speak poorly of my family that I was certain had treated them well.

Sounds like a friendly church, right?

Isn’t that how most churches welcome new people? Greeters, people who sit around them say hello, and the deacon or pastor welcomes from pulpit.

Yes, visitors should feel welcome into our church service. We have a plan to make it happen.

Now, leave your church one Sunday and go to a church out of the blue that you weren’t specifically invited to.

How does the welcome process make you feel?

What makes you feel welcome in a new church? One where you don’t know everyone already. A church that you walk into, sit down in a pew, and pray that you didn’t sit in someone else’s seat.

What does your church do to make visitors feel welcome? 

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10 responses to this post.

  1. I don't go to church regularly at the moment. But I used to sing in the choir of a very famous one in central london and I remember the entire choir being horrified at seeing one of London's homeless being forcibly removed from the congregation. Here compassion does sometimes go missing I think


  2. The talks yesterday, from the pulpit, were on getting to know all our neighbors and being friendly to EVERYONE, in and out of the church building. Christ taught us to love everyone. Everyone is Always welcome inside at any Mormon church you live near in any country of the world. Please come inside and say hello.


  3. You described what I have always seen and done in church. However, when I lived in California, I recall walking into The Little Brown Church in the Valley (a description as well as the name of the church). I don't really think anyone did anything different from what you described, but it was the friendliest church I have ever attended. There was simply a beautiful feeling of genuine peace and love over that church. Sadly, I continue to seek that feeling in other churches, but I've never found it again.


  4. i have been to church as a visitor with friends. i find their welcome process quite friendly


  5. Sometimes I feel like churches are *too* friendly, because I am very uncomfortable with people I don't know. They're always perfectly nice, but I still get nervous. Personally, my problem has been not having that feeling of *belongingness*, which is hard to describe but hopefully you know what I mean.


  6. Fiona,

    Thank you for dropping in to chat. This makes me so sad. I can't imagine that Jesus would condone that type of behavior. Sometimes I think we're too concerned with how things “look” to be concerned with how things are.

    Please stop in to chat again!!!


  7. Jill, Thanks for stopping in to chat! Yes, Jesus took time for everyone, even when those closest to Him tried to send them away. We could learn a great lesson by following His example! Thanks for the invitation!

    Please drop in again!


  8. Teacherscoach~I love the name of that church! 🙂 I think there are many people, Christians even, looking for exactly that feeling in church. I do believe that churches like that exist.


  9. Amarnaik~Thanks for stopping in again! It's great to hear that someone finds the process very welcoming. Is it the same kind of process that I've outlined above?


  10. Sonya,

    Yes, I believe there are a lot of people looking for a sense of community, a sense of belonging within the doors of a church. And for some reason, the church has become an impersonal, hand-shaking, smiling, country club like atmosphere. Strange phenomenon.


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