Playing the Blame Game

Then the man said, “The woman whom You gave to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I ate.” Genesis 3:12 NKJV

Genesis. The beginning. I’ve read this chapter many, many times. Yet this morning as part of my daily reading, this verse popped out at me.

If you aren’t familiar, it’s right after the original sin. The serpent talks to Eve about eating from the tree of good and evil as a way to gain wisdom not as a path to death and destruction. Eve buys in, eats the fruit, and gives fruit from the tree to Adam, who also eats the fruit. Instantly, their eyes are opened, and they realize their nakedness so they make fig leave clothes and hide from God.

And that’s how He finds them. 

Naked and afraid in the most beautiful place ever created on earth. Now we see where inspiration for that tv show came from: The Bible.

In my past studies of Genesis 3, I’ve focused on Eve’s part of the story. She bears the brunt of the first sin, and Christian women take a lot of flack from Christian men over this point. All in Christian love, of course.

Today as I read through the fall of mankind, Adam’s response to God really got my attention.

I read verse 12 in context. Stopped. Went back and read it again. And, went, “No way.”

When God, you know, the One who is omnipotent, asked Adam if he had eaten from the tree of good and evil, instead of saying, “Yes, I did.” or “Eve made me do it!” says, “Well, you know that woman YOU GAVE me to HELP me?”

Adam blamed God.

Let’s look at it from Adam’s now caught perspective:

1. God put me in the garden.
2. God planted the tree and told me not to eat from it.
3. God gave me a helper. Made her from my own body.
4. God made the serpent and placed it in the garden.
5. God knew all of this was going to happen. He did it.

Does this sound oversimplified?

How often do we rationalize things this same way? God put me in this situation. God put these other people in this situation. God allowed, or even put the sin/temptation in the situation. Of course God knew what we were going to do! He’s God.

I’m a mother and a teacher.

I give a LOT of instructions. I try to give a lot of warnings with my instructions. Oftentimes I know what could go wrong. I know what might look like a shortcut will create much work and stress down the road, and warn those receiving my instruction excessively. 

I wish I could tell you that everyone always heeds my warnings. They should be able to recognize the fact that I have the experience to guide them away from things that will hurt them. 

Unfortunately, the lure of an “easier way” that the one with experience just doesn’t want you to use and miss out on all the work has the power to convince even those most grounded in their faith to do some dumb, dumb things.

And then, when we find the error of our ways, we come all the way back around and blame God for placing us in the situation. 

“Well, God, you knew what would happen when you put me in the middle of that situation. It was destined to…”

Except when I give instructions and warnings, I actually have faith that the majority will do as I instruct them. I don’t expect them to go against what I say.

Is God any different?

See, I read Adam’s response this morning, but I put Carrie’s name there instead of Adam. And I didn’t like what I heard. 

I’m trying to figure some things out. Trying to rationalize what happened, what went wrong, where things fell apart, and all of my thoughts start with “God put…”, “God planted…”, and “God made…”.

But just like Adam, I can’t blame my sin on Eve, and I most definitely can’t try to pin it on God.


10 responses to this post.

  1. Great post. It is pretty tough to blame a God who always has a way of escape provided…even when we drive ourselves to what seems to be a dead end.


  2. I love your insight. How often have I read that passage & did not see the blame there! I have really been thinking about this recently. It seems as if there is a whole generation of, “It's not my fault”. My goal is to raise children who claim responsibility. Seems like our society could learn something here. Thanks!


  3. Yes, I can hear myself think, “I didn't have a choice!”, but God always provides if we take the time to seek Him in the midst of our mess. Or, if we would simply seek Him before we make the mess! 😉 Which is always my problem!

    Thank you so much for dropping in! I love to talk!!!!


  4. God or spirit continues to take the blame from humans. It's this upbringing in all religions that God is something to be feared. Something to be pleased. That since God is all-knowing, so why do bad things happen to 'good' people?


  5. That's exactly where I was this morning, Wendy. “Wait? What did he just do there?!?!”

    I am one of those responsibility freaks. I have a way of calmly looking at someone and saying, “Please don't tell me about someone else. Take responsibility for your actions and let's deal with that, please.”

    I've found that usually that actually relaxes panicked and stressed individuals because then they aren't scrambling to determine who is really at fault. It's simply I didn't or I did and this happened as a result.

    Thank you so much for dropping by! I love to chat!!!


  6. Joy, I can't answer for all religions as I am Christian, but Scripture tells us that it rains on the just and the unjust alike. Actually, if you are interested in the Bible, it all starts in Genesis.

    God may have created man, but we are puppets on a string. We were created to have free will. Because we have free will, sin exists. We (all people, whether labeled good or bad) don't choose to only do “good” things, therefore we must face the consequences of our actions. Even though someone appears to be “good”, they are still affected by the life choices of the people around them.

    I would love to continue this conversation, if you'd like! Thank you so much for stopping by!!!!


  7. I found you, great post, I look forward to following you!


  8. Yay! Glad to have ya, Verna! Did you join the BlogHer NaBloPoMo for January?


  9. Excelent post! It is so easy to blame others for what we do. And sadly, it's easy to blame God for what is wrong in our lives, instead of taking the full responsability of our own mistakes.
    Only if we accept we did wrong, can the mistake be made right.


  10. So glad you dropped in, Joanna! Blaming others, including God, does come easy, but it leads to us feeling stuck. In truth, we were never stuck. God always provided a way. We just made the wrong choice. When we choose to acknowledge our responsibility that is when God can burst in and cleanse the sin!

    I like that image. God bursting in! 🙂


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