Live or Offer? Are We Truly Burdened for the Lost?

Today I read a post by fellow Christian blogger Chris Wilson on Accidental Discipleship.

Those of you who know me personally know that I take my example very serious. Sometimes too serious. I try my hardest always to set a good example.

Sometimes I try so hard to do the right thing that I work Jesus right out of the picture.

Sometimes I spend so much time doing that I don’t hear as much as I should.
After reading Chris’ post, I began digging in my own old posts for something to share for our Wednesday Rewind Challenge in the Christian Blogger’s Community. As soon as I came across A Call to Reap, I knew what I needed to share.

See I talk about God, I live my faith, I set a good example, but I don’t always show up to reap. That seems forward and pushy. So I just live my life and hope someone catches my faith.

There isn’t anything wrong with me living my faith out loud. But there is something wrong with me never taking the opportunity to offer my faith to those I live it out in front of.

I’ve been challenged today. Partially by a fellow Christian and partially by my own learning experience a few years ago. What about you?

Do you feel a daily call to reap? Do you act on it?

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