Undeserved, Yet Freely Poured, Love for Today

Nod your head if you’ve ever felt unworthy of the love of God.

Ok, stop. It’s going to be hard to read if we’re all bobbing our heads like a bobble head on a dashboard.

Let me clear something up for all of us upfront today.

God loves you.

God loves you TODAY.

Yes, today.

Someone reading this today has been promising themselves, or God, that they’ll get back in church…as soon as they clean their life up and start living as they know they should be.

This message is for you.

God loves you today. God wants you to return to Him today just as you are!

He absolutely knows that you are incapable of cleaning your own life up without His Spirit to guide you through it. It isn’t possible.

If you’ve been telling yourself, God, or someone else that you know you need to be back in church, well, here’s your sign. Stop waiting and GO back to church.

Someone reading this today feels like their personal walk with God is being held back or is failing because their spouse isn’t as tuned in as they are.

God loves you today. Just the way YOU are. He isn’t judging the relationship He has with you based on the relationship He has with your spouse. Don’t let your spouse negatively effect your relationship with God.

Focus on your own relationship with Him, pray over the relationship He has with your spouse, and believe that He has already answered your petition. Your marriage will change, and it probably will have more to do with your own relationship with God than your spouse’s.

Someone reading this today feels like they’ve failed an assignment God has given them. Rest assured you’re not alone.

God loves you today! Despite any past failures. Despite the failures you might commit tomorrow. God loves you!

God’s love is not contingent on us being perfect. It isn’t contingent on other people.

God loves us because He created us. God loves us because God is love.

If you’ve been feeling negatively about yourself, about your relationship with God, or just frustrated in your walk, don’t forget, God loves you! Even in the midst of your mess He is in love with you! He loves you so much that he sent His only begotten Son to be the perfect sacrifice that so there would be a way for you to spend all of eternity with Him (John 3:16).

Yes, God loves us.

Friend, no matter what you’re going through today, God wants to have a personal and intimate relationship with you. He loves you! He loves you! HE LOVES YOU!



6 responses to this post.

  1. What an inspiring post! I've been in each of the places mentioned at some point in my life and the peace that comes from knowing that He loves me despite my faults was the heaviest burden to be lifted. It can be so difficult to wrap our minds around the fact that His love is NOTHING like the human love many of us have experienced…from ourselves and others.

    Visiting you from BlogHer's NaBloPoMo!


  2. Thankfully I made my way through my feeling of un-worth to a relationship with God but I unfortunately know many others who have not made it there yet. I continue to pray for them daily.


  3. Thank you so much for these wonderful words of encouragment!


  4. Sabrina, thank you for stopping by to visit. God's love is so amazing and freeing one we come to accept it! Such a blessing!!!


  5. Prayer changes things. I know people who've prayed for someone 50 years. It worked. Perseverance.


  6. Thank YOU so much for stopping by to visit! I'm glad you found encouragement while you were here.


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