Rescued & Restored Instead of Scrapped

Today we went to the Mississippi River to hunt for fossils. This is something some members of my family really enjoy. Searching for fossils, arrow heads, bullets and other memorabilia from the Civil War are all things that get done when we have some extra time.

You could say the people in our home value the past. We value our heritage. We place great stock in the people who made our country what it is today, and we delight in preserving what we can of those artifacts.

As we drove home today, I noticed the many new homes built along the highway. Several were built a stone’s throw from an old homestead, while others had been built near a newly torn down homestead.

This is the culture we live in.

A culture that tears down heritage to build new homes. A culture that values efficiency, contemporary convenience, and cost effectiveness more than historical significance, memories, and irreplaceable heritage.

Professionals tell us that it’s in our best interest to tear old buildings down and start fresh. A clean slate with no problems.

Professionals tells us to walk away from situations in our lives that cause us stress or discomfort. To find new family, friends, professions, that will give us a fresh start, a clean slate with no problems.

My husband and I are different. It makes our blood boil when people disregard and destroy old homes instead of preserving them.

We love the idea of restoring an old home.

Several years ago we even looked at a piece of property in terrible shape. I had it named with Scripture to back it up. R&R Ranch. Rescued & Restored Ranch.

You see, the past is important. While we can’t live in it, nor dwell on it, it has made us who we are and holds invaluable life lessons.

We can’t erase it. We can’t pretend it doesn’t exist.

We can learn from it and move forward. We can use it as a stepping stone, as a reminder of where we come from and where we’ve been.

I have to wonder what would happen if God decided to give up and start over instead of restoring us.

Yes, it would be like the flood in the times of Noah again.

God loves us enough to put the time and effort in to rescue us and restore us. He isn’t a God of scrapping us and starting fresh with someone new.

He sent His own Son Jesus Christ to be the sacrifice for our sins.

He most definitely won’t quit on us.

He will keep restoring us, remodeling us, and fixing us up until the day He calls us home.

I’m so glad that He hasn’t scrapped me! Aren’t you glad that God loves you enough to keep remodeling you?


I’m just a shadow of who I used to be, and looking forward to the
day I’m everything He meant me to be!



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