Seems Right is a Risk

There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death. Proverbs 16:25

When I logged in to my YouVersion Bible on my KindleFire this was the Verse of the Day to greet me today. I was contemplating what to focus on today, and well, whomp there it is!

There is a way that seems right a man…

“I think as long as you give to others and try to do the right thing then it doesn’t matter what you do on Sunday morning.”

“I go to church twice every Sunday, every Wednesday, and attend every special service. My salvation is secure.”

“I give to charity, I pray, I go to church, and I volunteer when asked.”

Surely all of those statements are good, Carrie. All of those people are doing good things. They may approach them a little differently, but they’re all doing good things.

I can’t judge the heart of the individuals who utter those statements. I’ve heard all three of those statements many, many times from various people over the past ten or more years.

I’m pretty sure I myself have said at least one of them before.

All three of those statements when separated from what lies within the heart, however, are a way that seems right to man. And all three of those statements end in death.

Giving to others won’t get any of us into Heaven. Neither will doing the right thing, attending church regularly, praying, or volunteering.

All of those things look good and seem right, but all of those things alone, and even added together, will end in death. They are all ways that seem right to man.

There is only ONE way to eternal life and that way may not seem right to man, but it is the ONLY way.

Jesus said to him,

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. If you had known me, you would have known My Father also; and from now on you know Him and have seen Him.” John 14:6-7


Don’t risk going the wrong way just because it seems right. Make sure you’re going the only way that is right. You don’t have to earn your salvation. Accept the free gift Jesus is pleading with you to take. What better gift could you receive for Easter?

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4 responses to this post.

  1. We actually talked about this at church on Sunday, and this is a great reminder of the message that I needed. This is such a big problem in today's society. We want to add to what the cross did for us by doing good, but my pastor told me that when we try to do good deeds to get to Heaven, it's as if we're looking at Christ hanging on the cross and saying, “That's not enough to save me.” Happy Easter, and God bless you!


  2. Great post! It's a hard one to address because people forget that salvation is more then about attending church. It's more than the title of “Christian.” It's about a relationship, it's about grace.

    Jesus said that there would be people crying out “Lord, Lord” and he would say “Go away from me, I don't know you.” We need to make sure that we have a relationship with Christ first and foremost. That is the key.


  3. I have been lead by the Holy Spirit, through many people, to realize that what is required is to 'be' with God. Like Mary, sitting at the feet of Jesus giving him her attention. When we focus on being then the doing will come and will be the things that Jesus wants us to do and not what we think we are to do.


  4. I love this post! Thanks for sharing. I will have to follow your blog! Thanks again!


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