Risque Woman Taking a Risk

Joshua 2: Rahab the Risque Woman

I have looked forward to writing this post since I discovered the topic for this month’s NaBloPoMo was “Risk” simply because the title was going to be so much fun. However, as I dug into the content, my thoughts changed from fun to something more serious.

Sometimes when we set our course and head out, God shows up and directs us down a different path.

Well, if you’re a normal person that might happen sometimes, but for me, well, I seem to always set my course and head out the wrong way. So, God directs me down a different path. We pretty much have this system down to a science, God and I.

I make a plan with detailed step-by-step instructions, get approximately fifty-seven percent of the way into the plan and BAM!


That’s what happened as I set out to write an amazingly witty post on the risqué woman taking a risk.

Come on. Who could pass up that title? It just compels you to read. If for nothing else, shock effect. What is that crazy woman going to write about today? She’s always saying things she shouldn’t.

I set my path for the harlot Rahab’s house with two secret spies going to check out Jericho.

Yes, two spies sent out by Joshua to check out Jericho went to a prostitutes house. And slept there.

I didn’t plan to write about this. I planned to write about Rahab’s risk. Instead as I researched and studied I found confusion, embarrassment, and changing of the Word over Rahab’s profession by Christian people. I should just accept this and move on.

Christians have been confused, arguing, embarrassed, and changing the Word forever. Why has the discovery of this one episode stuck with me for the few days I’ve been working on this post?

There has only been one perfect person to walk this earth, and He wasn’t simply human. He was God.

Rahab was a sinner. I will not argue that fact with you.

Her “profession” was disgusting.

But last time I checked, God was in the business of seeking out the lost.

Last time I checked, God even used the lost for His purpose.

Last time I checked, God sent His own Son to die on the cross to save sinners just like Rahab.

Last time I checked, I was a sinner. Scripture tells us there is none righteous. None. Not me, not you, and not Rahab.

I refuse to twist the Word. Rahab was a hooker. She sold her body for sex.

Two Jewish spies scouting out the land spent the night in her home. Scripture doesn’t tell us anything immoral went on in between the spies and Rahab. Why then are we embarrassed?

Rahab housed these two men who the city was on guard expecting. She took a huge risk and aiding and abetting the “enemy” and yet we can’t look past the sin of a sinner?

She didn’t claim to be a Christian. We as Christians must stop trying to hold people outside of our faith accountable to our beliefs. They don’t even know what we believe. How could they possibly follow our rules?

Then the King of Jericho found out Israelites were in town and he sent men to Rahab’s house to get them. She, however, had hid them on the roof. When asked, she said they had been there but she didn’t know where they were from.

Gasp. Hiss. Boo. Hold up your garlic. Cover your eyes. Walk on the other side of the street when you see this woman coming!

Not only is Rahab a prostitute, but she told a lie!

Give me a break.

Let me repeat.

Rahab is not a Christian. By all evidence, Rahab is not religious at all. The Bible reports the truth. The truth is Rahab was used by God to save these two men’s lives even when she was a sinner.

Works won’t ever bring salvation to a sinner, but we’re very wrong if we believe God won’t use a sinner to accomplish His purpose.

Then, all of a sudden, Rahab starts talking about the Lord! Praise the Lord! Salvation has come to the home of a harlot! It wasn’t by her works, but by her faith that she is saved.

Rahab put her life on the line before she had a conversion experience.

Sometimes taking a risk leads to salvation.

I often second guess myself when it comes to inviting unsaved people to do mission work. How can someone who isn’t saved be equipped to minister?

Rahab ministered to the two spies and in the act found salvation.

Her risk reaped reward.

What did I learn from Rahab’s Risque Risk? I learned that I need to stop judging people who aren’t Christians by my Christian standards and rules. I learned I need to accept their help because they might come to recognize Christ through their efforts. I learned I shouldn’t second guess letting the unsaved work in missions. They just might be the mission.

What about you? What lesson is hidden in Rahab’s Risque Risk for you? You can read the whole encounter in Joshua 2.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!!!

photo credit: Stuti”>http://www.flickr.com/photos/theblackcanvas/3025466490/”>Stuti ~ via photopinhttp://photopin.com”>photopin> cchttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/”>cc> 


2 responses to this post.

  1. Yes, yes, very important not to judge Christians by Christian standards.

    I try not to even judge Christians. If a brother or sister is falling short (IMO), I try to approach only in love for their benefit. Do I do this well? Usually not.


  2. Excellent! The truth exposed! I really enjoy your unique writing style.


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