Snapshots of Love from Today

My day started with some beautiful snapshots of my kidneys and bladder.

Ok, it resembled more of an etch a sketch drawing than a beautiful snapshot, and I have no idea what was actually discovered yet, but I’m sure my organs smiled pretty!

Actually that’s a lie too. I told the technician after I was asked to empty my bladder before they took the next set of images that this time I wouldn’t have to resist the overwhelming urge to kick him the entire time he was pressing the “camera” firmly across my filled to overflowing bladder.

He looked at me calmly, with a straight face, and asked, “Was it actually starting to get uncomfortable?”

Hmmm. Don’t they make these people undergo these “procedures” during training? If not, they should!

Drink a gallon of clear fluids. Show up with a full bladder. At which time we’re going to make you wait thirty minutes to register. Then we’re going to shuffle you to the next department where you’ll register again, and then be asked to wait until the technician returns from the floor. All while your bladder is not only begging, but screaming, to be emptied!

Once you finally get to an acceptably uncomfortable and embarrassing level of undress, they will smear this disgusting warm gel all over you and then “glide” (Since when is pushing HARD considered gliding?) the tool with the camera lens across your abdomen.

No, sir. It wasn’t starting to get uncomfortable. The whole procedure was uncomfortable!

Hopefully once the results are in we can put the “c” word scare behind us once and for all. I’m not sure why I needed this follow up. They didn’t find anything during the cystoscopy a little over a year ago.

After that wonderful experience, we traveled three and a half hours to shop at an outlet mall. I buy my annual pair of tennis shoes every year before softball season starts. Conditioning starts Tuesday.

I bought Adidas shoes this year. I think I’ve bought a different brand every year. I have big feet. Finding shoes that fit, are comfortable, are in school colors, and look somewhat like something a girl might wear is difficult.

Here’s what I wound up with this year:

Lily finally got to spend some of her Christmas money and gift cards. She came home a happy camper.

Cam spent most of the drive there and back reading Love Does by Bob Goff. I finished the book last night and informed everyone else they needed to read it. Cam read most of it in the car today. He LOLed a good part of the drive.

He also chose to share a lot of the book out loud. This sounds like a good thing. Unfortunately, the other two members of our family actually want to read the book, and they became frustrated with his sharing pretty quickly.

“Why don’t you stop talking and actually READ the book?!?!” became a pretty common phrase in the vehicle.

Cam came home with stuff for his upcoming baseball season. He, too, was happy.

Even Chris enjoyed this spontaneous shopping trip. He got a big deal on a pair of Nikes at the outlet (I couldn’t get the one’s I wanted big enough.) and some goodies at the Case outlet. He’s playing as I type right now.

Our love was spontaneous today, and cost money which isn’t something we do often. However, for once, everyone came home happy even after seven hours together in the car in one day.

Tomorrow we’ll worship together, work together, and I think a couple of us are hoping for a walk in the woods together.



4 responses to this post.

  1. I am not laughing at your procedure or the need for it, just your description of what you said (at least mentally) to the technician. My husband used to refer to them as Martin Scorsese wanna-bes when he had to undergo a few of those for his heart.


  2. Sounds like a successful day to me. I love when everyone is happy.


  3. Audrey~Oh my, this man was all business. No teasing or anything. I mean, I know he was a he and I was a she, but come on! I'm horribly uncomfortable and trying to make light of my situation. You could at least play along. I could have been one of those horrid, mean rude patients!

    I really did lay on the table wondering what would happen if my leg spasmed and kicked him. 😉


  4. Courtney~It doesn't happen often with two teenagers close in age of the opposite sex. On this day it did, and we are thankful!

    Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog!


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