Mom Name Recognition Leads to Confusion

Last night while I was surfing the web and hubby was watching the news I heard the phrase One Million Moms and my interest was immediately drawn from the computer monitor to the tv screen. I couldn’t wait to hear what mainstream media had to say about a conservative Christian group of women speaking out against mainstream media.

Except that’s not what the news cast was about at all.

It turns out I really heard the phrase One Million Moms For Gun Control.

Um, ok, so is the watchdog group I go to for information on what company, brand, or show is presenting values and beliefs I want my children to be influenced by taking a stand on gun control?

I am not a card carrying member of One Million Moms, if there even is such a thing, but I do respect their opinion and use them and the American Family Association for research.

I don’t, however, know why they would be taking any kind of stand on gun control.

There weren’t guns in Biblical times. Can I look for answers there?


The Bible is filled with accounts of wars, fighting, and violence.

Cain murdered Abel. What weapon did he use?

David killed Goliath. He used a slingshot and a stone.

John the Baptist was beheaded.

The Roman soldiers carried swords.

Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego were tossed into a fiery furnace.

Daniel was thrown to lions.

Weapons have existed in many forms since Biblical times. I don’t see any banning of the “weapons” themselves. Yes, the motives behind using the weapons are often called sin, but the weapons themselves I don’t see questioned.

I went to bed conflicted.

What would a conservative Christian group of moms who protect our youth from questionable advertising campaigns and the like have to gain from taking a stand on this hot topic?

I woke up determined to find out.

It didn’t take long. The following is taken directly from the homepage of One Million Moms:

Clearing Up Any Confusion

There has been some confusion recently in the media and on the Internet concerning One Million Moms, a conservative, Christian group affiliated with American Family Association since 2001. We, One Million Moms, are not affiliated with the group One Million Moms for Gun Control. This is a completely different organization that was newly formed on December 14, 2012. Hopefully this information will clear up any confusion that has been caused since these are two separate entities, and we would never want you misled.

Aha! Conflict resolved. The two entities are just that; two separate entities.

My confidence in the principles One Million Moms stand on remains intact.

I don’t fault any individual their personal political beliefs. I do believe that any organization that presents itself as a ministry or that has the full-backing of a ministry needs to rely solely on the beliefs that are fully supported by the Bible rather than anyone’s political beliefs.

Moms are amazing people. I should know. I am one. 😉

We spend most of our lives trying to protect our children, and if truth be told all the children surrounding our children, from anything and everything that could possibly hurt them.

Moms speak out against drunk driving (
MADD), texting and driving, bullying, cheating, selling oneself short, following the crowd the wrong direction, sexual predators, dressing inappropriately, protecting your self online, porn, gun safety, drugs, alcohol, overeating, under eating, getting enough sleep, being clean, getting exercise, staying true to one self, and yes, this list could go on forever.

I could take just about any cause and plug the words “One Million Moms” in front of it and it would be a true statement.

I try to be careful with labels though. This post is a great example of why. When I heard the newscast, I immediately linked this to a conservative Christian group that non-Christians label a hate group. I absolutely hate that label. There is no hate in a mother’s protection. There is love.

On the other hand, however, there is a “church” that is well-known that because of it’s name bears the same label as mine. Based on the actions, and fruit, of this “church” I would label it a hate group and I hate the fact that it bears any connection to the congregation I belong to.

Jesus wasn’t about hate, but love. I can’t reach people for Christ if I’m worried about hating them; I simply have to love them to Jesus. He’ll deal with whatever sin they have in their life just like He deals with mine.

I just wish people would think before they name their group.

I know that in some cases they choose the name on purpose. Wanting to affiliate themselves with the group that already exists. I wish I was naïve enough to believe otherwise, but I’m too cynical for that.

Perhaps I can start a new acronym called the CIA…the Cynical Individuals of America.
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2 responses to this post.

  1. Haha! I'll join your CIA!


  2. I'll get a card to you! 😉


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