10 Onions a Day Keep Everyone Away

Sickness has invaded my home and the only thing potent enough to conquer the effects is the eye-burning aroma of onions.

Yes, my husband has become so fed up with this never-ending infirmary that used to be an active home that he has sacrificed every onion we own to the “let it suck all the bacteria, virus, flu, disease, or simply odor-free air molecule in our home” bandwagon.

So, on top of a stuffed up sinus system, imbalanced ears, sore throat, and achy legs, my eyes are also burning to the point of tears.

We’ve all been taught not to cry over spilled milk, but no one said I couldn’t cry over the ten onions placed at random places around my home.

Here’s what I’m wanting to know at this point in time.

Is it going to work?

Will the burning eyes and resulting tears be worth it? Will the three out of four of us fallen to this respiratory gunk be magically healed by the power of the onion? Can the odorous vegetable cleanse my home of illness?

I finally decided to look up the information that has been passed via e-mail and social media (You can read the
onion e-mail here.) about the healing and poisoning powers of onions.

Here’s what I’ve discovered.

According to this article, Onions, Flu Protector or Poisonous, onions will not help our health issues, nor will leftover onions poison us. The whole e-mail and social media message is false according to them.

The go-to website for checking myths and legends, Snopes, also says false. They even present additional myths and legends that say placing cut onions around your home is unlucky. I’m really hoping that isn’t true! If so, we’re in for a long run!

I did find at least one article that was one the fence. The Mighty Onion does claim that the onion absorbs some of those nasty things. However, it does not mysteriously suck them from sick people or from across the room. They have to get to the onion some how. I’m not sure how to make that happen…we definitely won’t be eating the left out onions.

All members of our household eat a LOT, and I do mean LOT, of fresh fruit and vegetables. I’m not feeling real confident in the saying An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Three of us have been to the doctor in the past week.

If we don’t do something about the stench, however, I feel pretty confident that Ten onions a day will keep everyone away. Although, it might not actually keep the germs away.





8 responses to this post.

  1. I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award! Hope you like it. 🙂


  2. I remember reading that article about onions, and thinking to myself, “That can't be right.”

    On the other hand, if you're not sick, holding an onion under the nose of any sick person who dares to come too close might keep them away so that you don't get sick.


  3. ten onions a day wow that's one smelly place. hope you all feel better soon!


  4. I never heard of medicinal purposes for onions (have heard it said for garlic..) but love both so I do eat alot of them. I read recently about left over onions being a hazzard, but I have saved onions for a day or two and nothing ever happened to me. I am no expert, just someone who hates to waste. Feel better!


  5. Tamara~Thank you! I will place it in a place of honor and show it to all my guests! 😉 And, I will get around to passing it on ASAP. Things have been crazy with all of us not feeling well. It's taken all my energy after work just to keep up with NaBLoPoMO, but I've done it. Thanks again!


  6. Jerimi~Perhaps I shall try carrying an onion around next! 😉

    Thanks for reading & commenting!!!


  7. 😀 Thanks for reading & commenting. This gunk hangs on forever…hoping we're heading into the homestretch, though!


  8. We, also, are guilty of using half and putting the other half in a ziplock bag for next time. Other than this gunk (which did not follow eating a leftover onion) we're all still alive and kicking!

    Thanks for the well-wishes.


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