Superpower for SuperCarrie

If I could have a superpower what would I choose?

So, I had to google a list of potential superpowers…I’m not up in all this Sci-Fi (giggle) stuff.

After looking through a
25 Superpowers You Wish You Had list, I’d have to say I choose Invulnerability.

Life hurts. It just does.

To have the ability to be immune to mental, physical, or spiritual abuse…well, that’s a power I’d love to have and be able to use to protect others.

Can you imagine a scenario where you see someone being spoken to in a manner that is abusive and you could just step in without fear of endangering yourself or them further and extend your force field of invulnerability around them?

What about the child that’s being physically or sexually abused? No fear. Just invulnerability. It’s SuperCarrie to the rescue!

No red-tape. No hotlines. No referrals. No waiting on a system.

Just my invulnerability force field extending to make a difference in the here and now of the situation.

Yeah, if I could have a superpower, I’d want one where I could protect my feelings and the feelings of those I come in contact with. You see, I see too much pain, too much hurt, too many broken people on a daily basis. Every day I wish I could do something to change the things I see. Every day I wish I could save them.

SuperCarrie could. Her invulnerability would enable her to step into precarious situations without fear and protect others in the midst of their storms.



One response to this post.

  1. That would be good, but how would you take a sick day???


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