Gray Hair & Responsibility

Where do I draw energy from when I’m exhausted?


Weeks like this week it is simply responsibility that motivates me to get everything done I have to get done. The truth is I am physically exhausted which rolls right over to my mental state. However, I have responsibility and I take that seriously.

I had before school tutoring that starts an hour before school two days this week and committee meetings that start an hour before school two days this week. Lily had two away basketball games this week and 8th grade night sandwiched in between in the evenings. Cam has to sing the national anthem at the high school boys Homecoming game tomorrow night and then will need someone to pick him up after the homecoming dance.


I’d like to say I can sleep in Saturday, enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee, and take down our Christmas tree (Yes, it’s still up.), but as Associational VBS Director I’ll be directing the Early Bird Clinic that has been scheduled for months before I knew just how crazy this week would be.

To end my day teaching, a student came up to my desk, took a good look at me and said, “Wow, Mrs. T. Getting pretty gray on top.”

I couldn’t believe it. I have been gray for years. I have been blonde for the past several years because of it. This school year I went back to my God-given color. I’ve stayed on top of my roots until this go-round. I just haven’t had time to get an appointment.

Guess what just got bumped up on the list of priorities?

Probably wouldn’t have so many gray hairs if I wasn’t so crazy all the time!

It doesn’t make matters any better that my hubby who usually works three twelve hour shifts a week has been working four twelve hour shifts a week plus some. He also commutes an hour each way. So, he’s even more tired than me this week.

What this equals is one very exhausted, crabby, dirty household.

I’d like to tell you I’ll get around to cleaning up the dirty this weekend, but I may just deal with the exhaustion and the crabby…the dirt will still be there next week!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll have enough energy to write a real blog post!


2 responses to this post.

  1. It never ends when you are a parent. The dirt keeps growing even if you clean. Just find the happy medium if you can and keep writing!


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