To Save the World or a Dime?

Snow fall always reminds me of a fresh start.

I’ve officially started my end of the year process of reflecting on the year and making goals for the next year. Since I spend a notable amount of time on social media sites, it has not escaped my attention that many accounts are posting asking people about their New Year’s Resolutions or goals for 2013. My mind was already working that direction today, so I decided to see how others were responding to some of these questions.

One business account asked “What goals are you committing to for 2013?”

I decided to see what random goals people were committing to. I expected to see standard answers.

You know. Lose weight. Exercise. Go to church.

No. The answers were different. Make more money, double my business accounts, increase income, work towards a million.

I went back and reread the question certain I must have misread. I hadn’t.

I felt gross, almost dirty, after reading those responses.

Don’t get me wrong. Finances are important. I understand that just as much as, if not more than, everyone else. Finances are a big part of my reflection this year, and will play a part in my goals for 2013.

However, finances, especially focusing solely on increase, would not be a goal important enough for me to publish as the only goal for the world to see on social media. I’m absolutely stunned that there are people that claim that as their sole focus for 2013.

Then in effort to feel cleaner, I looked at the AdoptUSKids Facebook question on New Year’s Resolutions. I will say the responses were somewhat better than the financial answers, but for every person making a resolution to foster or adopt children in 2013 there was one discouraged and disappointed with the system/process.

Too be honest I didn’t leave that thread with much hope or inspiration either.

You would think that after a failed end-of-the-world people would be ready to change the world.


Taps on screen.

Hello? Is anyone else out there? Am I alone on this one?

The Mayans were incorrect, just as Scripture said, and we have time to make a difference, an impact, time to change the world.

Are we truly satisfied to continue doing the same ol’ same ol’ simply to bide our time until the world really does end? Because the world is going to end. And even if I don’t live long enough to see the end of the world, the world is going to end for me when I take my final breath.

When I’m gone, no one’s going to care if I doubled my profit margin in 2013. No one’s going to care if I lost twenty pounds. No one’s going to care if I exercised every day, ate healthy, opened a savings account, got organized, gave up a multitude of bad habits, or started a new hobby.

What could I do in 2013 that people will remember when I’m dead and gone? What can I do that will make a positive impact on others? How can I change our world?



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