Christmas Mischief

This year we wrapped Christmas gfts before Christmas Eve. This year we put gifts under the tree before the kids went to bed on Christmas Eve.

We placed wrapped UNLABELED gifts under the tree (or at least in the living room) a week before Christmas. Our kids are teenagers. The gifts were safer wrapped than “hidden”. Right?

Christmas shopping for teenagers is more difficult than younger children. Their wants are much different and much more expensive. Our kids are realistic and know what we can and can’t afford, so often that leads to them not asking for much or simply asking for a lot of little junk.

That was the case this year. With the loss of a vehicle before Thanksgiving, our kids knew we had little money to spend buying gifts. So, they didn’t request big gifts.

Imagine my surprise while I’m scurrying down the hall to turn in a last minute report before heading home when a co-worker says, “Hey, Carrie, Cam thinks he’s getting a _____ for Christmas.”

“Oh, he does, does he? What makes him think that? He didn’t ask for that and we haven’t even hinted that it might be a possibility.”

“He said you already put gifts out. He measured the box and then looked up the packaging specifications on the internet. See, he is learning science skills!”

I was stunned. Absolutely stunned.

See, he was correct and he had just been ratted out. I absolutely didn’t know what to say.

I turned in my report, and headed back to the office. I repeated what I’d just heard to some co-workers. They agreed I had to “fix” the situation. Some even gave him “props” for figuring it out that way though.

I called Chris to let him know. He was also stunned. He had no idea you could find packaging specifications on the internet.

So, we formed a plan. We would make an identical shape and weight package wrapped in the same paper for him to open Christmas morning.

On Christmas morning we saved the “big” gift for last. We watched as it was opened, a brick was pulled out, and then sheets for our bed were pulled out. He actually unzipped the sheet package and pulled the sheets out of the packaging. I think he thought the gift was hidden inside.

What anticipating a “BIG” gift looks like.
A brick? And sheets? Not what I expected.

We’ll give him credit; he was handling his disappointment well.

Then Chris went and got the real gift out of our closet. Cam didn’t even read the tag. The tag said From: GOTCHA!

Realizing the tag on the “real” gift says GOTCHA!

After he tore it open we told him he needed to read the tag.

He couldn’t believe we knew. He says he only told one person…a fellow Sunday school attendee. However it was one of his high school teachers who told me.

This was the first, and last according to Chris, year we put gifts out before Christmas. I kinda think it was fun! I don’t know how he knew what to look up on the internet. We never even alluded to what we might have gotten him, but somehow he figured it out.

Oh, well. In the end, we fooled him!


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