Naked Trees, Migraines, & Missed Appointments

I didn’t post yesterday. I’m going to make up for it now though.

Yesterday was a half-day before Christmas break. It was also our middle school staff Christmas breakfast.

I woke up on time, but with a migraine. So, realizing I couldn’t take the day off and that I had no one coming super early for tutoring, I took some meds and crawled back in bed.

The kids got up and ready for school before me. We ran an errand on our way there, pulled in the parking lot & I noticed a staff vehicle that shouldn’t have been there that early.

“Why’s J here so early today?” The words were barely out my mouth when I shouted “I had to be here no later than 7 this morning. We were reminded repeatedly!”

I felt so bad. Headache meet guilt.

The rest of the day moved slowly, but went great. Until I realized I had an appointment in Cape in the afternoon and a meeting in Park Hills in the early evening. Throw in the possibility of picking up the car we’re buying and migraine headache plus guilt over missing not one but two meetings meets stress headache.

We all have these days. Chris was sick to top it off. Two cranky crabby adults, two teenagers excited about Christmas, lttle to no Christmas shopping done, responsibilities on top of responsibilities, and even in the midst of all the messed up schedules and emotions we got 90% done with our shopping and have an appointment to pick up the new vehicle. If this headache will go away, we just MIGHT get some decorations on our naked tree. Merry Christmas, y’all!

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> via photopin”>photopin> cc”>cc>


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