Car Shopping Craig’s List Style? FAIL! (Well, mostly.)

Sunday school, car shopping, Christmas choir practice.

Yes, this has been my day, and, yes, I am still up at 10:17 on a Sunday night.

Today we experienced car shopping Craig’s List style. I’m not sure it’s anything we will repeat anytime soon. 🙂

So, we looked at a Montana that smelled as if a herd of cats had been locked inside and used it as a litter box. Low miles, great price, but one would have to wear a gas mask to ride in it! Not to mention it was DISGUSTING!!!! I’m still a little itchy just thinking about it.

We looked at an Impala that the key wouldn’t work in. Brand new cut key. Repo car. Low miles. Low price. Didn’t stink, but still, not a comfortable deal…

We looked at a Dodge Grand Caravan Sport. It had a built in tv…with a built in VHS player!!!! How crazy is that?!?! I think it was an ’02. High mileage…reasonable price, but owner’s wouldn’t budge at all. They really needed to come down with that high of mileage.

Then we went to look at a Grand Prix with low mileage and a low price. It looked amazing in the pictures. Don’t believe pictures… Oh, my. I was actually more scared of the “salesman” than the car. However, the car was NOTHING like the picture. It was rough. It was definitely NOT a teacher car. I think someone had spray painted the inside console. And the taillight covers had graffiti like words…

Doesn’t it look nice? Yeah, it wasn’t.

The guy wanted us to go to his house (this vehicle was at a bar which was NOT mentioned in the ad or the pictures) to look at a van. Um, sorry, but I’m too afraid to be standing here in a public parking lot in the middle of a prominent St. Louis community to even remotely consider going anywhere less public.

So, we headed back towards home, disappointed and feeling like the entire day was a waste. I happened to ask about looking at a vehicle closer to home that we’d been talking to the owner for several days. It is a couple thousand more than we were wanting to spend, but happens to be the only thing in five weeks that I’ve actually “wanted”.

A last minute phone call, a drive to Ste. Gen, and the vehicle pulls in to the parking lot where we’re meeting. Lily says, “That’s what we’re looking at? That’s actually NICE.”

Does that give you an idea of how our car shopping has been going? Long story short, yep, we want this one. If it wasn’t Christmas time I could swing the extra cash. Unfortunatley it is, and I’m not done shopping. So, now we’re trying to “find” an extra $2000 so that we can buy this vehicle before someone else does.

Anyone know of any short-term loan options? I’m talking four months or less with heavy emphasis on the word less. We really need a God-sized blessing in the form of an individual who wants to make a short-term interest bearing loan. So, if you know anyone who is looking to make a “little” money on a very short-term investment and recieve the blessing of knowing they helped someone out at Christmas time, send ’em our way!


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