Glass Half-Empty Kind of Day

It’s late and been a long day, so no Christmas research blog tonight.

Disappointing, I know.

That’s the word.


The verb disappoint, according to the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, means to fail to meet the expectation or hope of.

Disappointment is the emotion that goes along with it.

If I had to choose a word to define the last hour of my day…disappointment would be the word. Disappointment has been a recurring theme for a long time.

I’ve actually become so accustomed to disappointment that it has become the norm, and anything other than disappointment surprises me. I have come to expect disappointment in my life.

Unfortunately, I don’t expect it in the lives of those around me. And it upsets me when I feel they are experiencing it undeserved. We’ve all heard the saying “Life isn’t fair.”

I know it. I believe. I accepted it a long time ago. But that doesn’t stop me from wishing some days that even if just for a day or two life could be fair. Everyone could be treated equal all of the time.

Do you know how impossible that would actually be to put in to practice? In order to treat one person “fair” according to their definition of the word, you would be treating someone else unfairly.

I feel confident in that statement because of a situation we were discussing hypothetically tonight. Doing one thing to help one individual’s negative situation improve would put another individual’s positive situation at risk of turning negative. This is the case with every thing we deal with. There’s a law about that…something like every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

See, I did learn something in, uh, science?

It seems like every time I think something is going to work out, it turns out to fall apart even more. Today my joy isn’t overflowing…it isn’t even full. If you were to look at my cup, I hope you’d offer me a refill.

Today, I’m praying for a refill.

“Fill my cup, Lord. I lift it up, Lord”


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