Love Lessons From a Teenager

We weren’t very many minutes into Sunday School this morning when lyrics popped into my head. It’s a pretty common experience for me during Bible Study.

“How deep the Father’s love for us.
How vast beyond all measure.”

If you aren’t familiar, it’s “How Deep the Father’s Love For Us” by Stuart Townend. Take a moment to listen. It’s a beautiful song, and worth your time.

God’s love is amazing, simply amazing. I cannot understand it. It goes beyond anything I could possibly relate it to.

And yet every once in a while I catch a glimpse of love, or grace, or mercy, that I think just might be representative of God’s love for us. Do you want to know where I typically see these examples? In kids.

Recently I didn’t get to see an example, but got to hear third hand of an example.

A week ago I was being anti-social and sitting in the car reading a book while waiting for the Christmas parade that our son was marching in. I missed out on something.

Later that night after the kids had gone to bed Chris was telling me that he had run into another parent that had spent some extended, intense time in the same place as our son and many of his friends. He pulled Chris aside on the parade route to tell him that something Cameron had done had been on his mind for over a month and a half. I tensed up waiting.

Chris went on to tell me that apparently a group of boys had been talking about a girl. They didn’t realize that any adults were around, let alone listening. According to the parent, he wasn’t the only adult present, listening. In the middle of an inappropriate conversation, my child, who is all about teasing someone to the brink of inappropriate, who is all about fitting in, who is all about a good joke, stepped not away from the group but right into the group and said, “Hey, you need to knock this off. You have no idea what this girl’s life is like at home or what she has to go through just to survive.”

The topic of conversation changed, and non-related adults heard my teenager stick up for someone who wasn’t even present. The parent told my husband they couldn’t even remember who the boys were talking about, but they were blown away by a peer doing what our son did.

I haven’t asked my son about the situation, but I’m pretty confident I could guess who the victim of the conversation was and I can promise you my son is not the individual’s ‘friend’ by the world’s definition of the word. I can guarantee that he is friends with the kids who were having the conversation.

My son is no saint. I’m not shocked that he did what he did. It’s how we’ve raised our kids. I am glad that he did what we’ve taught them to do in a tough situation.

These are the kinds of situations I think of, however, when I think about how much God loves us. I have a hard time imaging Him giving up His Son for someone like me. I have a hard time understanding why He would love me with all I have done, and continue to do, wrong. I have a hard time understanding mercy.

Then I see, or even hear of, someone putting their own reputation on the line sticking up for someone who isn’t even their friend. Who has done nothing to deserve their protection. And I think to myself, that’s exactly what God does for me. He knows I have nothing to offer Him. He doesn’t expect me to pay Him back. He loves me unconditionally because His love is deeper than I can even imagine…




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  1. Wonderful post. Thank you for reminding me to be careful with my words.:)


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