Reflections on Goals Met, New Goals Set

Goal met.

Those two words mark a milestone. I have now officially written a blog post every day for a month. This post is actually the forty-third consecutive post and the forty-fifth post in the last two months.

Prior to this post, I have written 23,536 words this month. That is the amount of words in my posts after I removed scriptures and song lyrics. I don’t want to count words that aren’t really mine. In October I wrote 9,765 words. That makes my total word count over the forty-five posts 33,301, which means I have been writing an average of 740 words per day.

In November I had a total of 739 total page views on my blog. My goal was 500 page views. I hit that quicker than I expected due to my post on my car wreck. (I decided not to count the excessive views to that post toward my goal. So, 70 of those page views I deducted when tracking towards my goal.)That’s an average of 25 people per day. In October I had 243 which was an average of 16 people per day. In the two months combined, 982 page views happened, averaging 22 people per day reading my posts.

What does all this mean to my “life” goals?

The median number of pages in a novel is 64,000 words. That means at this rate of writing it would take me approximately 86 days to write a novel. In almost three months of consistent writing, I could have a complete manuscript, well, at least a rough draft. It is doable!

However, I do need to work on increasing audience. With an average of 20ish readers per day, well, at $5 per book, I won’t be making any money by writing a novel.

So, I need to work on my craft. I need to develop my voice so that people are drawn to my writing. I need to work on being able to use fewer words more effectively.

I also want to add a new goal for the blog. I’d like to make it a point to use photos that are my own…images that come from me rather than sites that provide free images for bloggers. Expand my creativity even a little further…get the juices flowing…

Thank you, readers and friends, for joining me on the journey! For encouraging me, indulging me, and challenging me! I appreciate each of you more than you realize!


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