Got Passion?

Well, I have two posts started for tonight, but went to the Thanksgiving Tournament and don’t have time to finish either of them.

So, my post will be short tonight and I’ll save the two started posts for another day.


What pops into your mind when you read that word?


I think strong, uncontrollable, undeniable love for something or someone.

Do you have a passion?

I keep reading profile descriptions that have the words passion or passionate in them. And most times I am taken aback by what one claims to have passion for.

People are passionate about some pretty boring and basic things. As I’ve been reading these statements, I’ve been asking myself what am I passionate about? Am I truly passionate about anything?

Oh, I think passionately, but I rarely live out my passions. Sometimes I do, but nowhere near often enough.

So, I’m asking people, you, what are you passionate about? Why?

 photo credit: IronRodArt”>”>IronRodArt – Royce Bair (“Star Shooter”) via photopin”>photopin> cc”>cc>


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