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What to write about today? I honestly don’t know. That hasn’t happened in many days, however, very few people have been reading this past week and I’m concerned I’ve said something to offend someone. How crazy is that since I’ve stayed away from the controversial issues this week?

This is part of my “fear” issue. I’m always afraid I’ve inadvertently done or said something that has offended someone. The truth is the things I say probably don’t hold that kind of power, but in my mind I’ve done something wrong and people are turning away.

And there’s what I needed to say to get a topic, turning away.



I deal with highly emotional events, especially negative ones, in very clinical, methodical steps. I’m a great person to have around in an emergency. Calm, cool, and collected…that’s me. I attempt to minimize drama in the situation for all those involved.

I seek control even in the midst of the storm. And yet, when the storm is over, I truly do want to be comforted. I never realized this, or at least admitted it, about myself until recently.

In light of a crisis, I was the rock as always. And when the crisis was over, I really wanted someone to run to me, and hold me, and let me fall apart if even for a minute. I would’ve pulled it back together quickly because I really don’t care too much for dramatics, but for just a moment I wanted someone to run to me with open arms.

Is it wrong of me to expect someone to run to me in the midst of my madness?

And he arose and came to his father. But when he was still a great way off, his father saw him and had compassion, and ran and fell on his neck and kissed him. Luke 15:20

If you read the entire story of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32) you will discover that the father in the parable is God.

Luke 15:20 paints a beautiful picture of God the father running to meet a son who had been living the life of sin and had come home to repent. God didn’t wait for the son to walk all the way to him. He didn’t meet him half way. God had compassion and ran to the fallen son, hugged him, and kissed him.

God cares about His children enough to run to them and embrace them in the midst of their madness. (Tweet this.)


I’ve felt a little guilty over feeling disappointed that no one ran to hold me. I keep telling myself things like “You have everything you need.” and “You don’t need an outward display to prove someone’s love for you.”

Sometimes when we see people in the middle of madness, or mess, we tend to pull back or turn away. That’s not the picture I see of God here. God could have turned away, could have rejoiced only in His faithful son. But He didn’t. He ran with open arms to the son who was in the middle of a mess.


And then He threw a party. He celebrated the return of his errant child.

How often do we attempt to camouflage those who return to the fold after being mixed up in madness and mess? We ignore the fact they were gone and quietly usher them back in to the fold.

Where’s the party? Where’s the fuss? Where’s the celebration?

God demonstrated His love publicly…largely…and in the midst of opposition. (Tweet this.)

God does the same for me. I have to stop expecting people to fill His role, but at the same time I need to remember that I may be the only glimpse of “God” some people ever get. I need to be willing to run towards others in the midst of their mess with my arms wide open.

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