Trading Risk for Reward

Nothing this week has gone according to plan. Not at home. Not at work. Not even in my mind.

Yes, my daughter was sitting right inside this door.

Yet everything, thus far, has worked out.

We are satisfied with the amount offered for our totaled van. With the price we paid for it, driving it for two years, and getting this amount back, well, it’s all going to work out.

I’m still amazed that we’re all ok, and everything is working out. Why? Should I be amazed that God really is taking care of us?

Door handle: GONE.

No, I should not.

Now I’m praying that God will provide a new vehicle for us. I’m certain He already knows what we need. Now I need Him to reveal it to us.

It isn’t about what we want, but what we need. Do I need another large vehicle to carry many passengers and cargo? Or will something small that gets great gas mileage serve us well this go round?

Maybe some think it’s going to far to seek God’s will for our next car, but we’re at another transition stage in life and I’m not certain which way He’s going to send us next.

Our main source of transportation could affect what He needs us to do. We need to have the capability to do His will. If his will is to transport youth, we need seats & seatbelts. If His will is to help fund a ministry, then we need cost effective.

With our kids getting close to driving age, that means we will be needing more vehicles. Maybe it’s time to choose smaller, cheaper vehicles that can easily convert to starter cars.

I believe that God cares what kind of car I drive.

Are you surprised? I won’t tell you that God wants us to be one political party over the other, but I’ll make the statement that I think God cares what kind of car I drive. I do. I think it’s important.

I don’t think it’s important that it be new, have extremely low (less than 100,000) miles, or be the most popular. To fit my qualifications it needs to be safe and I need to be able to buy it for less than $5000…preferably less than $3000. I’m not too picky.

So, when I say I think God cares I don’t mean I think He cares about the make or model. I think He cares about it’s function-ability to help me meet His purposes for my life.

How many times do we leave God out of making decisions that we think He won’t be concerned with? What types of things do we take to Him in prayer?

I prayed for protection before I ever started driving last Sunday. I prayed AGAIN for protection when I got stressed by the conditions. Do you know what the first thing I did when I lost control was? I prayed for protection!!!!

The decisions we make in life are no different than my decision to drive home in the pouring rain last Sunday. Every choice we make is a risk.

When we get out of bed in the morning, it’s a risk. When we plug in our coffee maker, it’s a risk. Getting in and out of the shower, HUGE risk!

Buying a home? Risky. Changing jobs? Risky. Having children? Risky. Moving across the country? Risky. Opening a business? Risky. Walking down the street? Risky. Driving a motor vehicle? Risky. Riding a bicycle? Risky.

Why in the world would we do anything without seeking out His counsel? Living life is a risk; stepping out on faith is a reward.

So, I’m praying God’s will for my next car…or truck…or van…or SUV…or whatever because whatever it is, as long as it’s what He has blessed, it will be more than sufficient.


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