Habits, Goals, & Best Selling Novels

It takes 21 days to form a habit. That’s what I’ve heard enough times to believe, anyway.

This is blog number 21 in a row.

This is the fourth year of Daily Musings By Carrie. If you haven’t noticed, the title is a lie. You could almost call it Biannual Musings By Carrie, but Daily is a stretch.

In September of this year several unrelated people asked me about the progress of my novel. Yes, I would like to complete a novel. Yes, I actually have a couple started. No, not one is close to finished.

My chin fell each time someone asked. I have no idea (ok, yes I do) why random people all of the sudden inquired about my work in progress at the exact same time, but it really embarrassed me to have to say I hadn’t worked on it in over a year.

Lack of time. Lack of focus. Lack of follow through. Lack of discipline. Lack of dedication. Lack of devotion. Lack of talent. Lack of inspiration.

It all comes back to lack. Mostly lack of making myself do it.

Writing is becomes easier the more you do it. It’s just like anything else. The more often you practice, the better you become. Leave it alone for months on end and you become rusty. Unmotivated. Discouraged.

So, I debated doing Nanowrimo this year. Thirty days of intense rough drafting. I’m not going to lie. The shear idea terrifies me. That’s too big of a goal. I have too many other commitments and responsibilities to set that kind of pressure upon myself. And if I set that goal and fail, well, I’ll leave another work in progress incomplete for another umpteen years. No thanks. I don’t need to add another failure to my list.

So, I made up my own goal.


Every day.

For thirty days.

This obviously isn’t my novel. It isn’t even fiction. But I’m practicing. I’m taking it even further than that and SHARING it.

I’ve gotten a little obsessed with the sharing thing. I check page hits multiple times a day. I am analyzing why some posts get more hits than others.

It seems the more creative I get with titles the more you all read. Sometimes it seems to be the time of day that I post that makes the difference.

Despite my crazy tendencies, I’m working towards a goal. Baby steps that I hope will lead to a habit. A habit that I hope will lead to a hobby. A hobby that I hope will lead to a bestseller.

Maybe one day you can say, “Hey! I used to read her blog when she wrote absolute garbage!”

Thanks, friends, for cheering me on!!! I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!!!!!


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