To Rebel or Not to Rebel: That Is the Question

Should I be a rebel for Jesus? Was Jesus a rebel?

The root word ‘bell’ mean war. Words that contain this root word include BELLICOSE, BELLIGERENT, ANTEBELLUM, REBELLION, REBEL

The word rebel appears in the NKJV 18 times, rebels 7, rebelled 37, rebelling 1, rebellious 40, and rebellion 23 times. That means this form of an individual “warring” appears at least 126 times in the Bible.

What is a rebel? According to Merriam-Webster, a rebel is someone who opposes or takes arms against a government or ruler. Scripture references using the word “rebel” typically speak of someone going against God or a commandment. (Num. 14:9; Jos. 22:16; Jos. 22:18; Jos. 22:19; Jos. 22:29; 1 Sam. 12:14; 1 Sam. 12:15; 2 Sam. 20:1; 1 Kings 11:27; 2 Kings 18:20; etc.)

Now, let me make the question a little tougher. Was Jesus a rebel?

Most of us want to answer that question immediately and with assurance. I want us to pause and think that answer through. Go back and read my boring definitions above. Start with ’bell’. Move on to rebel. And finally the scripture definition of “rebel”.

Let’s try the question again. Slowly. Think about it. Was Jesus a rebel?

What did Jesus do while he was here on earth? Peace or war?

What did Jesus encourage believers to do? Love or hate?

Now, I’m not really going to answer these questions today. I’m not feeling up to par, and I just don’t have it in me, but I do want to create some thought and hopefully some discussion.

Was Jesus a rebel?

I want to encourage us to look past our response to his actions to his actual actions. Were his actions intentional rebellion or is our interpretation of those actions what makes it rebellion?

What do you think? Rebel or not? Why or why not?

Now it’s your turn! Leave your thoughts in a message here. Let’s discuss!!!!


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