Speaking Louder

What does it take to make you speak up?

I’ve been asking myself this a lot lately. There are so many things that “bother” me that I never say anything about. In some cases, they drive me nuts or even make my blood boil. And yet I sit, silent, moody, angry, without speaking out.



Great answer, huh?

Well, I remain silent because it’s easier to remain silent and just go along with the crowd. I remain silent because even though the “rule” exists, no one enforces it. I remain silent because speaking out could cost me more than I’m ready to give up. I remain silent because I’m afraid.

Where’s the line? Where do you forget the “easy”, forget the fear, forget the loss, and finally stand up for what is right? What will it take?

I’m amazed at how many atheists have seemingly “popped up” in this country speaking out for their rights to be free from religion. Every day I seem to hear something they are challenging or complaining about infringing upon their rights. I believe atheists should have the same rights guaranteed to all other Americans. I do.

BUT, I don’t believe protecting their rights should come at the cost of other Americans losing theirs. I believe our Constitution promises Freedom of Religion, not freedom FROM religion.

Christian people have too long remained silent. We have kept our mouths closed because we feel that we should be loving and kind, not argumentative. We’re afraid of hurting someone’s feelings more than we’re afraid of NOT standing for the truth.

I have no desire to persecute people. I have no drive or motivation for tearing people who believe differently than me down. I have simply come to a place where I can’t keep silent over all of those other people groups trying to silence me. I am ashamed that I have been playing right into their hands by sitting meekly by while they convince our government that I am an enemy and I am stripping them of their freedoms.

I am a Christian. I am a citizen of the United States of America which was partially founded on the concept of religious freedom. I am here to stay, and you cannot silence me. Even if you strip away my Ten Commandments, my public prayer, my ability to teach/preach/evangelize in public forums, I will still be a Christian, I will still pray for you daily, and I will continue to press on towards the prize of the high-calling of God.


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