Poop In A Bucket!

Curse words, dirty little words that can wreak havoc. Why do people use them? Why are they so bad? Why is using them such a thrill to teenagers?

I’ve never really been into cursing. Sure, I tried a word out a time or two in adolescence, but it never seemed to feel right. I know people who use curse words more than the word “the” or “and”. It drives me nuts, and I don’t hang out around them any more than necessary.

I don’t understand why using a socially unacceptable word makes someone feel better than if they just shouted POOP! Or Dadnabit!!!

See, now you’re smiling! These words that demonstrate frustration and anger can also release that frustration and anger, while unacceptable words can cause our foul mood to deepen.

As a rule, I don’t cuss. I didn’t decide that one day. I didn’t realize I had a problem and vow to never cuss again. It’s just not something I do. As a matter of fact, a lot of those people I mentioned above who curse, apologize when they let words “slip” around me. I’ve never called them on their language, they just recognize that I don’t do that and they probably assume it’s because I’m a Christian.

Today a friend let me know that they had heard one of my children curse. I’m disappointed, discouraged, and simply don’t know how to discipline this one. My kids have been “raised right”. The come from a home that is FAR from perfect, but that has set a good example in conduct.

Cursing is NOT the norm. It was not learned in my home. It is not accepted in my home. We often turn off tv shows or movies for excessive use of foul language.

So, why? Why would a child raised in a home not conducive to foul language choose to speak foully? And what do I do about it!


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