Day 11 Total Phase 2 Day 9

Day 11

Weight: 182.8

Loss from yesterday: .8

Total Loss: 8.2 pounds

Body Fat: %

May 3, 2011

Phase 2 Day 9

Well, not quite a pound, but MUCH better than gain. I really hope this keeps up. It’s the weekends that are going to kill me, and I have to come up with a plan now for this weekend. On other diets, the weekends have been the days I cheat. I never noticed any gain from this cheating, but this time it totally stalled me!!!

Breakfast: Coffee x 2.

Lunch: Turkey breast, broccoli, and blackberries.

Supper: 3.5 oz grilled chicken, herb blend lettuce, and an orange

I forgot to take my drops before lunch again. Ugh! But I did take them before supper.

I got in quite a bit of fluids again today. I think I’m almost where I should be.

Today’s the first time the scale has read 182 anything. It’s so close to 179 that I can feel it coming on. It totally blows my mind that if I stick to this, like glue, I could easily be at 175 by the end of next week. My real goal was to be in the 150’s. After cheating last weekend I’m not sure that’s reasonable.

I wish I could figure out why/how I had a couple of days with BIG loss. What did I do on those days? Can I do it again? I’d really like to drop 2 or 3 pounds in a day a couple days a week.

I have a picture in mind of what I should look like on the beach. Saying no to sweets IS worth the picture!!!! I wish I could download the picture in my mind and print it out. I’d hang it everywhere to remind me why I’m saying no to the foods I love!


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