Day 10 Total Phase 2 Day 8

Day 10

Weight: 183.6

Loss from yesterday: .4

Total Loss: 7.4 pounds

Body Fat: %

May 3, 2011

Phase 2 Day 8

Back to school!!! The diet is so much easier when I’m not home! Yesterday I wanted to eat everything in the house. Today I didn’t think about it. I drank my coffee (two cups today), ate my lunch, and felt full all afternoon! I’m sitting at home now getting ready to go coach a softball game and I’m hungry. L We won’t eat supper until after my game tonight. I’m wondering if that’s part of my problem. We don’t eat supper until after 8 PM each night.

Breakfast: Coffee.

Lunch: Turkey breast, 1 cucumber, and blackberries.

Supper: 3.5 oz eye of round steak and grilled green beans

Today I forgot to take my drops before lunch. That’s a first. I hope this doesn’t hurt my loss. I really want to get back to a pound a day of loss.


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